Dickie Moist: American Songwriting Legend

as an update to a story we first did on October 3, 2008, I have expanded my list of favourite Moistboyz songs, from 20 to 25. guess it’s a good thing I bothered to use my blog’s search engine, so I wouldn’t have some chomsky honk yelling at me, talking about how I already blogged about this. these are in alphabetical order, but to see what I consider to be the pinnacle of Dickie Moist’s evolution as a songwriter/musician/singer/entertainer, plz see the video below.

1.0 (Fuck No) (I)
American Made And Duty-Free (II)
Bullshit Boy (Shit Rejects)
Captain America (IV)
Carjack (I)

Five-Time Loser (III)
Fuck You (IV)
Good Morning, America (II)
I Am The Reaper (III)
In The Valley Of The Sun (III)

I’ll Die Tomorrow (IV)
Keep The Fire Alive (II)
Killer Speed (Shit Rejects)
Lazy And Cool (II)
Let Me Drive (Shit Rejects)

Money Thang (Shit Rejects)
OG Simpson (Shit Rejects)
Paran-AIDS (Shit Rejects)
Phonicman (Shit Rejects)
Second-Hand Smoker (II)

That’s What Rock & Roll Can Do (IV)
The Tweaker (III)
U Blow (I)
U Turn Me Off (Shit Rejects)
Whitey Dick Faggot (Shit Rejects)

I – 3
II – 5
III – 4
IV – 4
Shit Rejects (unofficial double album of previously unreleased tracks) – 9

Golden Fleece will probably make the list when I expand from 25 to 30, in 2014. -Ed.


3 Responses to “Dickie Moist: American Songwriting Legend”

  1. Clint Says:

    It’s strange, but I think my list of top 25 Moistboyz songs – if I had the patience to make it – would probably include about 10 of the ones on your list. I’d have thought that number higher.

    BTW, The Simpsons already blogged this.

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      Moistboyz is one of the few bands that has just the right size discography, that it’s not as difficult to come up with a list like this, as say Ween (which would be virtually impossible)

      I remember the episode where the Simpsons did their list (Mar. 5, 2006)
      Deaner starts a jam band with Lenny and Carl; Tomato-11 helps Lisa write a report on post-modern architectural reframing; Homer hires Dickie Moist to do some roof work, but instead, Dickie converts their garage into a meth lab.

      netflix: 5/5
      imdb: 10/10

      plz have your list ready for me by Friday, thx in advance!

  2. Adam Carver Says:

    im always seeking gnarly underground music. discovering moistboyz was a treat. “Thats what rock n roll can do” moved me.
    moistboyz fucking rock!

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