Natalie Portman, Open Thine Wormhole!

according to a new special on The History Channel, the Pilgrims and Indians who were at the first Thanksgiving, were actually aliens! they signed a peace treaty to end a brutal war over the stuffing mines. for he who controls the stuffing, controls the universe. Miles Standish falls thru a wormhole to Earth, and must find his way back to Plymouth, to prevent the Indians from taking control of the stuffing mines.

Natalie Portman

the university holds their faculty-only prom in an abandoned building, once used to conduct experiments on hippies; Steve and Pony make a bet to see who can steal someone else’s date; Baby Cakes (the slow-witted bald white guy, not the black porn star with the phat booty) befriends one of the hippies. how come women never thank me for the sores I leave on their anuses?


One Response to “Natalie Portman, Open Thine Wormhole!”

  1. Clint Says:

    wait… is this last week’s South Park? I don’t think I watched that China, IL yet. I’m so confused.

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