Ultimate Surrender – S9E11 – Darling vs. Charisma Cappelli

Darling is back to represent the old guard, as the longest-tenured wrestler on the active roster. she is one of only two women (AX) who have competed in every Summer Vengeance tournament. she ranks 2nd in all-time wins. her bid for a championship last season, came up short, when she suffered an injury, during her 1/2 final match with Bella Rossi.

Charisma Cappelli is one of the stars of ZZ Live 17. she is a former college athlete, who excelled at softball. her nickname is the Animal, and she definitely has the body to mix it up at Ultimate Surrender. we will be seeing her again.

in your typical veteran vs. noob match, Charisma had no answers for Darling’s offensive arsenal. Darling worked Charisma over, early and often, with precision finger-fucking, complemented with a spot of face-sitting. Darling also trapped Charisma in a wide variety of submission holds, from body scissors to pile drivers to back breakers. the Goddess of Sodomy was your referee, and she joined in on the round 4 festivities, following Darling’s 740-0 victory.

the live tag match last nite was Holly Heart & Kaylee Hilton vs. Jessie Cox & Juliette March. didn’t get a chance to see it, but if anyone did (arikh?) feel free to post spoilers here…


7 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E11 – Darling vs. Charisma Cappelli”

  1. daredevilxxxx Says:

    holly heart and kaylee hilton won

  2. arikh Says:

    * Charisma made a very promising debut, showing strength, agility and above all – a great attitude! wrestlingwise, she’s the 2nd best rookie so far, just below Sofia Lauryn.
    she’s also 2nd by sexiness from all the rookies (Kaylee is 1st), in my opinion, what makes her the rookie who has the best combination of hotness and wrestling talent.

    * after we had 2 blondes singles update, we were suposed to have a 4 way battle of the blondes, but for some reason, Katie Summers was replaced by Juliette March (brunette).

    once again, we had a very close match throughout the rounds. this time it was also close till the end.

    Holly and Kaylee had the lead by only 5 pts by the end of round 1. the marging reduced to only 4 pts by the end of round 2.
    having the lead, Holly had to send her sidekick to start off round 3 against Jessie, but it also guaranteed she will finish the match against Juliette…
    it proved to be crucial as at the last 2 minutes Holly battled Juliette, while Holly’s team had a 20~ pts lead. Juliette putted up a fight and for a second I thought she’s going to put Holly in a hold, but Holly managed to get out of it and maintained the lead till the end.
    if it was Jessie at the end, she might have pulled it off.

    Holly was the best out of the four, though Jessie showed an amazing fighting spirit against this musclar amazon. Kaylee is imroving and she gave Jessie a harder battle than in their singles match.
    Juliette is more solid than Kaylee, but the blonde got ninja legs and unpredictable moves.

    * last thursday, 17.11.11 Rain wrestled Kinklive cam girl who made her debut – Eden Cox.

    in the following weeks, Katy Cherry, another cam girl, should have 2 matches. 1st against Isamar, 2nd against Holly Heart.
    Katy is very strong, got a lean musclar body, she’s been training wrestling with Rain Degrey for awhile.
    hope she’ll be able to upset Holly…

  3. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    thx for the report! that’s two tag matches in a row that I picked the wrong team.

    • arikh Says:

      in the new format it’s a lot harder to guess who wins. in previous tag team seasons we had the top girls wrestle , so we knew exactly what we’re going to see from them, who can beat who…

      the new format is very anigmatic, we get mid level wrestlers as captains, with low/very low ranked rookies. we know very little of the rookies real strength.
      can’t wait to find out who will be in the next tag team match.
      hope it would be with some of the following girls:
      Emma Haize, Gia Dimarco, Kaylee Hilton, Charisma Cappelli, Audrey Rose

  4. arikh Says:

    * Gia vs Lyla
    500~ : 11

    one member at US forum alerted about an upset… yeah, right! that score has higher margin than Gia vs Rosemary Radeva’s match.
    I think Lyla ranked higher than she should. there’s no reason she would be above Audrey, Kaylee and Cici.
    Kaylee on her 1st match scored 42 pts against Jessie Cox, while Lyla on her 4th match scored only 11 pts against Gia Dimarco.

    that makes her the no.1 candidate to lose to Emma Haize in a possible match.

    * at the same day when Rain wrestled newb Eden Cox, another camgirl made her debut. Shae Simone finally got her 1st match – against Iona Grace. Iona won.
    Shae is another candidate to lose to Emma Haize, but we’ll know better when her match with Iona will be up.

    • Joe Says:

      I’m still waiting for Ashley Jane vs Emma Haize….

      • arikh Says:

        so did I, so did I…
        but, unfortunatley, Matt said Ashley isn’t available.

        anyway, I must say Ashley would have kicked Emma’s ass.
        also I must remind once again the fact that Ashley Jane faced Gia Dimarco and was in the lead by the end of round 1! sadly, she was injured at the start of round 2 and the match was canceled.

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