Hipsterscum Is Not Impressed With Squidbillies Season Finale

and what could possibly be a more hilarious premise than a mullet-wearing squid, who wants to get his CDL, in hopes that he might one day follow in his father’s footsteps, by trafficking an 18-wheeler filled with toxic waste across state lines, and driving it into the ocean.

well, whateva dood! we watched all six parts of The Heart, She Holler, the previous nite, and hipsterscum taint never done showed up to watch it. at least he brought McDonald’s for us, and agreed to drive us to a birthday party in DC. him and Wrath von MagicMist got into a heated debate over whether or not to bring an acoustic guitar. they decided against it, but then it turned out there was a banjo at the party. I was drinking some Yuengling and a coupla shots of Jameson. I also came up with a name for the first big snowfall of the season (whenever it comes) it shall be known as “Snow Momma From The Train!”

I got to talkin’ with my tude brah, who was decked out in a swanky Tampa Bay Buccaneers jacket. the bright orange with the “Buccaneer Bruce” logo. we talked mostly about hockey and football. there was a group of us who went to a restaurant a few blocks away. I ordered a Rolling Rock, but we decided to leave before my drink arrived. ended up going to 8-11 instead. my other tude brah was doing a random interview with us, which was some funny stuff. I did a Ted Kennedy impression at one point.

due to work and time constraints, The Lord of the Eagles was summoned to make a special appearance in DC. and then I was gone…


One Response to “Hipsterscum Is Not Impressed With Squidbillies Season Finale”

  1. Clint Says:

    The party ended as abruptly as your departure – I don’t think I got to say goodbye to hardly anyone that night! We hung around at Angel’s til 3:50PM or so, after the party kicked everyone out around 1PM or so.

    I mean AM.

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