Ultimate Surrender – S9E12 – Gia DiMarco vs. Lyla Storm

former tag team partners collide on this week’s update. Gia DiMarco and Lyla Storm were on the losing end of last month’s tag match.

Gia DiMarco is back with a sexy new hairstyle, and the most spectacular ass on the roster. she is riding a two-match winning streak, dating back to last season. an injury prevented her from competing in Summer Vengeance, and she is here to lay claim as the queen of the cruiserweights.

it’s been a tough month for Lyla Storm. beaten handily by a coupla savvy veterans in her first two matches (AX, Tia Ling) her determination and kick-ass attitude, have made her a fan-favourite among the current crop of noobs. with a bit more skill, she could be rookie of the year.

Gia was in control from the start. she trapped Lyla in crushing leg-scissors. she sat on Lyla’s face, while executing some precision finger-fucking. Lyla nearly came on the mat, on more than one occasion. Gia stormed Lyla’s pussy with menace in round 4, pounding her with a strap-on, followed with some big-time fisting. Gia brought out the hitachi, and squirted on her fallen opponent, then made Lyla chow down on some manmeat. a final score of 704-11…

Storming with menace

9 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E12 – Gia DiMarco vs. Lyla Storm”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Great job by Gia, especially the squirting and fisting. Not at all sure about losers being forced to suck cock. I know it’s optional but it may put serious wrestlers off, just when Isamar’s arrival looked like such an encouraging sign.
    What happened to Sara Jay? Surely she didn’t draw the line at sucking Matt’s dick?

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      I am not a fan of the blowjob round, either, as it appeals to the 20% of the membership who are there strictly for the sex. there is a serious lack of top-tier talent available right now. it’s Isamar, and then there’s everybody else (until AX comes back) maybe they can have Isamar run a gauntlet match against three different opponents (one round each), and fuck them all, after she’s done destroying them.

      • Joe Says:

        Matt didn’t even cum on her, so I’m not sure this match’s round 4 would have done anything for the 20% anyway!

  2. gary Says:

    cant blame them who would want to suck matts dick id rather shove razor blades up my ass

  3. Ringmaster Says:

    Nice idea about Isamar taking on three wrestlers. Given the standard of some of the porn sluts now taking to the mat she could wrestle them all at once and still come out the fucker.
    US needs to attract more established wrestlers – I’d even be willing to see veterans like Chantel Lace, Christine Dupree or Grace strutting their stuff. Otherwise it is in danger of becoming a procession of unskilled skanks getting fingered and fucked with the sporting aspect getting lost.

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      u hit the nail on the head with your assessment. I’m not interested in watching cam girls wrestle, if they’re only going to be there for one or two matches. tag matches have lost their appeal to a certain extent, as well. I would like to see Matt implement more specialty matches.

  4. Grem BHM Says:

    Chantel Lace … hmmm yeeees ! She may kick more ass than she done at the Academy.

    Matt says Ariel would be on the mat in January.
    I’m curious to see if he is planning a Ariel / Isamar before Summer Vengeance (maybe in a tag team ??), or if he will let Isamar destroys all the other opponents.

    Any one miss “The Killer” ?

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      for the next Royal Madness match:
      Ariel X & Isamar Gutierrez vs. Bella Rossi, Darling, Rain DeGrey, Tia Ling, Holly Heart, and Mahina Zaltana
      instead of a single elimination tournament for Summer Vengeance, have AX and Isamar wrestle a best-of-seven series.
      ah yes, it would be great to see Bobbi Starr and her unshaven bush back on the mat!

  5. Ringmaster Says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who would like to see veteran wrestlers like Chantel and Christine Dupree on the US mat. Have a look at Boobie Trap, a video in which Christine takes on Grace in a nude catfight, see what these more mature ladies are capable of. Soaked in sweat, they punish each other’s titties and cunts while employing skilled wrestling holds and moves. It’s a reminder of the competitive, sporting edge that is now missing from most US matches. Matt should get some veterans together for a round robin tournament – these magnificent women will really put their naked bodies on the line and a good cash prize will produce some brutal fights.

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