“Sin Cara Dong Shirt” Now Trending Worldwide

b/c if u had a penis the size of Sin Cara’s, you’d wanna put it on a t-shirt too! WWE unveiled their latest Sin Cara merch over the weekend, and quickly pulled it, when the geniuses in their legal department, realized that the new design contained a graphic image of a COCK! whoever came up with the idea should get a raise or promotion. just the fact that WWE was advertising it on their web site (if only for a few hours) is hilarious. this will go down as the best merch snafu since the infamous Maryse “crooked vagina” fiasco of 2009.

I watched RAW to see the Piper’s Pit segment with John Cena, that opened the show. they teased a heel turn. Cena thinks he can beat Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII. Cena isn’t phased by all the hate from the audience. Piper bitch-slaps him to end the segment.

John Morrison wrestled his final match in WWE, and was carried out on a stretcher, after a beatdown at the hands of The Miz. Zack Ryder beat Jack Swagger; Dolph Ziggler went over on Randy Orton (with help from Wade Barrett) CM Punk retained against Alberto Del Rio, in their return match from Survivor Series. Daniel Bryan cut a promo about his upcoming steel match against Mark Henry. Bryan still has his MITB contract, b/c Henry was not cleared to compete, when he tried to cash in. I expect Mark Henry to thoroughly destroy Bryan in their match* they ran another promo for Kane’s return. looks like he may be coming back with the mask he wore when he debuted in 1997.

* this post was written before the taping -Ed.


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