I Blame [adult swim] For The Problem Solverz Being Cancelled

I was checkin’ out this nice chunk-a-chicken, who was checkin’ out a nice chunk-a-chicken, over by our SLR display:

“excuse me, sir. can u tell me about this Nikon D3100?”
“of course not. I shoot with a Canon Rebel T2i! IN YOUR FACE, BEYOTCH! hey, I see you’ve got a copy of Adventure Time. that show is pretty bad ass. do u also watch The Problem Solverz?”
“yeah, I’ve seen it, it’s terrible.”
“oh, my bad, I didn’t mean “The Problem Solvers” episode of 30 Rock. I meant the animated show on Cartoon Network.”
“I know, and I said I didn’t like it.”
“are u sure you’re talking about The Problem Solverz? the one with the “Z”
“YES! it stinks, I’m glad it got cancelled!”
I was so distraught by our brief interaction that I left early on my 3-hour lunch break.

sadly, this woman’s opinion seems to be the general consensus of those that have seen the show. who is to blame for The Problem Solverz demise? when the show originally debuted, it was called Neon Knome, but [adult swim] didn’t think it fit their programming module, so they re-tooled it as TPS for Cartoon Network. ratings were mediocre at best, and the message boards were flooded with 12 year-olds complaining that the show wasn’t funny, and that the animation style caused seizures. TPS is not a show that’s geared toward CN’s core demographic!!! the decision by [as] to pass on the show, is ultimately what doomed it. they could’ve made it one of their Sunday nite warm-up shows, as a lead-in for headliner shows like ATHF or Robot Chicken, but their anti-PFFR bias clouded their better judgment. the show was cancelled after the first season, but then was renewed. there are six unaired episodes that will probably be burned off somewhere down the line, but it’s highly unlikely that they will return with a third season. fuck everyone who hated this show!

Problem Solverz


One Response to “I Blame [adult swim] For The Problem Solverz Being Cancelled”

  1. Clint Says:

    Yeah.. Fuck AdultSwim and their Anti-PFFR bias! PFFR probably belongs on MTV animation, 1990s. I guess that explains why MTV took Wonder Showzen.

    I’m fond of saying The Problem Solverz isn’t as good as you think it is, but it’s better than everyone else thinks it is. (It’s a crafty statement: It makes me the only right person on the planet, which I am fond of.)

    But I agree: Fuck the people who didn’t like this 🙂

    The animation style was fucking amazing! The best thing about the show!

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