Adventure Time Asks “Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

Adventure Time aired a Thanksgiving special, with an episode that didn’t center around Finn & Jake. a Snow Golem befriends a baby Firewolf. they are mortal enemies, due to the fact that Firewolves can incinerate anything they come in contact with. I guess there is that whole “I don’t wanna melt if I touch a Firewolf” issue going on with the Snow Golems. one nite, the Snow Golem hears the Firewolf’s pack crying out for their missing baby, so he sets off to return it. on his way back home, the Snow Golem is approached by Firewolves (including the baby) Finn & Jake have been battling the Ice King this whole time. but, they have a change of heart, when they see the Snow Golem and Firewolf reunited, and it feels so good…

XianZ: +8
netflix: 4
imdb: 9

Adventure Time


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