Ultimate Surrender – S9E13 – Iona Grace vs. Shae Simone

Iona “Machines of Loving” Grace is slowly but surely working her way up the ladder at Ultimate Surrender. this is not the same girl who was beaten by Juliette March in the first round of last season’s Summer Vengeance. she opened her season 9 campaign with a win over bottom-dweller Emma Haize. The Machine draws a noob, Shae Simone, for an encore.

Shae Simone aka “The Saboteur” began her career at Kink, by getting worked over by the Goddess of Sodomy on both Whipped Ass and Wired Pussy. she followed that up by enrolling as a slave on The Training of O. upon graduation, she makes the jump to wrestling. she can take the punishment. let’s see if she can dish it out, as well as she takes it.

not since Wenona vs. Annie Cruz in season 4, has an Ultimate Surrender match been this one-sided and oh so erotic. imagine if u will, 24 minutes of foreplay, with intermittent submission holds thrown in for good measure. face-licking, heavy kissing, finger-fucking, and one girl is forced to orgasm on the mat. yes, Shae is a noob making her debut, but Iona turns in one of the most complete performances the site has ever seen. this match must’ve gotten Iona turned on somethin’ fierce, ‘cuz she fucks the shit out of Shae in round 4.

The Machine of Loving Grace 1144 – The Saboteur 22

there was a tag match on Friday nite:
Holly Heart and Bryn Blaine vs. Rain DeGrey and Audrey Rose
I have no idea who Bryn is, so if anyone has some info and/or spoilers on the outcome, feel free to post ’em. if I had to guess, I’d say Rain and Audrey won.

Iona Grace


14 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E13 – Iona Grace vs. Shae Simone”

  1. daredevilxxxx Says:

    holly and bryn fucked rain and audrey !!!!

  2. arikh Says:

    huepow, three times in a row, you’re picking the wrond team!

    Bryn was suposed to be the weakest girl there, as this is her 1st match ever (though she might already had a singles match yet to be updated), that wasn’t the case, to say the least…

    the 1st round ended with only 1 point lead for one of the team (I think Holly’s team, but I can’t recall for sure).

    the 2nd round ended with 100~ pts lead for Rain and Audrey.

    entering the 3rd round with the lead, Audry started the round against Holly. that means Rain was gonna finish against the newb – Bryn, peice of cake for Rain, ha ?

    2 minutes to the end of the fight, Holly and Bryn made the comeback, achiving a 100~ pts lead, but with all three tags out. Bryn has the advantage over Audrey, so she uses her last tag for Rain.
    1 minute to the end, Rain and Audrey 2 on 1 over Bryn reduced the margin to 8 pts. a whole long minute or 60 seconds for Rain to score 9 pts more than Bryn and win this match.
    we all know how determind Rain can be against non elite wrestlers.
    Bryn, at 5’6” and 135 lbs, is on pushover. she managed to held Rain down the entire minute. moreover, not only Rain didn’t get to reduce the margin of 8 pts, Bryn managed to increase it to about 12 pts.
    it was one great minute of pure heroine performance by Bryn standing up against a much more experienced wrestler.
    even Matt Williams couldn’t believe what we all seen, and he expressed this on the chat (which is rare).

    Bryn has without a doubt the highest natural talent of any rookie this season.

  3. arikh Says:

    Gia Dimarco vs Beretta James

    Gia gets once again to school a hot skinny newb.
    last time she destroyed Lyla 704-11. Beretta did on her 1st match a lot better than Lyla on her 4th match, scoring more style pts and suffering a lot less shame pts. the match ended with 320-42 for Gia.

    Serena Blair vs Shae Simone

    don’t know the score, but ofcourse Serena won.


    about this match of Iona vs Shae, I think the score is lying, the difference between these two is not so big.

    Iona is doing great with her small size and her lack of strength, she got some skills, determinition and endurance, but she’s limited by those two flaws.
    Juliette defeated her with pure strength, Iona sure is more skilled right now, so maybe she wouldn’t have sufferd that lose, but the problem is still there. skillwise, I say she’s on Jessie Cox level, but Jessie is way stronger.

    Shae is so cute, my teeth are hurt. and she got very hot toned body. she’s stronger than she looks.
    the question is : can Emma beat her now (before she gets experience) ?

  4. daredevilxxxx Says:

    i want to see ;

    bryn vs gia dimarco or jessie cox

    beretta james vs shae simone or ıona grace or emma

    gia dimarco vs jessie cox (rematch)

    holly heart vs jessie cox

    • arikh Says:

      I like your requests, all about the lower ranked girls.

      Emma vs Lyla/Shae/Kaylee

      Shae vs Emma/Lyla/Kaylee

      Kaylee vs Emma/Shae/Lyla/Gia/Audrey

      Beretta vs Lyla/Audrey

      Gia vs Iona/Kaylee/Audrey

    • Joe Says:

      Yes, Holly Heart vs Jessie Cox is a must-see! I’d have loved to have seen Holly face Samantha Sin in a battle of the blondes but it looks like The Python’s retired again…

      Echoing all of the above suggestions I’d add:

      Charisma vs Holly/Jessie/Rain

      Kaylee vs Iona

      Shae vs Gia

      Bryn vs Rain

  5. daredevilxxxx Says:

    and lyla storm vs beretta james ….

  6. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    thx for the recap! I guess I should stop picking the winners, but then u wouldn’t know who to bet against 🙂 judging strictly from your report, I would imagine Bryn is a smaller version of Saffron. would that be somewhat accurate, or moreso optimistic?

    u guys have a lot of good suggestions! one name I didn’t see mentioned was Krissy Lynn. oh how I wish she would come back. seeing as how she’s somewhat of a regular on Everything Butt, I’m kinda surprised she hasn’t wrestled again. Krissy Lynn vs. Mahina Zaltana or Charisma Capelli, or Mahina vs. Charisma would be at the top of my wishlist.

    • Joe Says:

      I’d love to see The Crippler back but I’m guessing Matt’s already asked her and she said no, seeing that she’s doing other kink sites.

  7. Ringmaster Says:

    Krissy and her booming bod were always good value, especially as she would take it up the ass if she lost.

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