Persie Handfisher To Hire Personal Assistant

does the thought of being an unpaid intern in the glamorous world of underground lesbian sexfight blogging get u all hot and bothered? do u like drinking bottom-shelf whiskey? do u enjoy watching cartoons? can u quote Xavier: Renegade Angel, on the fly? do u enjoy dressing in corpse paint, and slow-dancing to King Diamond? do u have a vagina? if u answered “YES” to any of these questions, then u may have what it takes to join me, as I make my transition from world’s greatest camera salesman to up-and-coming entrepreneur.

I currently have a job where I can’t be in front of the computer, so your tasks will include the following: daily recaps of what my favourite pr0nstars were doing on Twitter, watching the NHL Network for three hours a day, pulling screenshots for future blogs about shows I watch, and coming up with at least one Charlie Sheen joke every day. one lucky winner receives an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas with me in January for the Adult Entertainment ExpOHHH!!!

“are u that slippery throat boner, I’m itchin’ to scratch?”


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