Ultimate Surrender – S9E14 – Rain DeGrey vs. Eden Coxxx

Rain DeGrey is 1-0 this season, making her first appearance on the singles circuit, since beating Holly Heart in week 1. with a shortage of bona fide champions on the roster, Rain takes up the mantle for the old guard, welcoming a noob to the mat the way most veterans would welcome a gal wrestling for the first time, by punishing and humiliating them.

Eden Coxxx is “The Serpent” at 5’6″ 145, she may be the most physically imposing noob to debut this season. she is a Kink cam girl who has also appeared on Device Bondage, and is following in the footsteps of last week’s noob, Shae Simone, as a fellow graduate of The Training of O. Eden has the attitude that she can kick your ass in real life, but will she be able to translate that into success at Ultimate Surrender?

it’s a bold new world for Eden, exploring sin. it’s a bold new thrill, why don’t you come on in. before the coils of the serpent could unwind, Eden was swarmed under by an unrelenting Rain. crushing leg scissors, headlocks, and grapevines made for a trial by fire, Eden would not soon forget. Rain’s smacktalk was in mid-season form, landing verbal jabs on her helpless victim, equally as deftly as she landed submission holds. Rain, in a shutout, 726-0.



12 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E14 – Rain DeGrey vs. Eden Coxxx”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Eden has a look of Isis Love, which is nice. Otherwise this was yet another predictable fingering fest instead of the sporting competition this site is supposed to be all about.
    Rain is only worth watching when she loses and has a huge dildo rammed into her ass. If we’re going to have cocks in Rd4 it would be good to see one cum on her frowning face while she’s getting fucked.

  2. delpierothebest2007 Says:

    Isamar faced rain last week. Does anyone know who won? Their match at the academy was a close one. My money is on la diabla

  3. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    I applaud Matt for putting Isamar in against two of the best available girls on the roster. that being said, I suspect Isamar has a better knowledge of the scoring system, and probably beat Rain by a wider margin, than she did Bella. I would like to see Matt put AX and Isamar on opposite sides in a future tag match, as a prelude to their inevitable showdown in the Summer Vengeance championship match.

  4. boknrd Says:

    wait isamar had a match with rain? i didnt see tht on the homepage???

    • arikh Says:

      it was only shot a week ago, it takes a few weeks for it to be downloadable on the site.
      that is assuming everything went well with the match.

    • arikh Says:

      Grem BHM,
      that is for sure. Rain isn’t yet ready to hold her own against the elite. that been said, she did make Bella Rossi (whos now elite), on her rookie year (season 7) run for her money 195-92.
      both Bella and Rain progressed alot since that much, but I think the margin between them is now greater.

      before we’ll get the chance of watching Isamar vs Rain, I know of two matches, shot prior to that:
      Gia Dimarco vs Beretta James
      Serena Blair vs Shae Simone

      myself, I look forward those matches more, since these are lower ranked hotter girls.

  5. delpierothebest2007 Says:

    I’ve got some great news. Dragonlily is back wrestling for ultimate surrender. She wrestled charisma recently. Ariel x is back too. She wrestled hilton and beretta.

    • arikh Says:

      delpierothebest2007, I think you have some mistakes.

      Dragon was suposed to wreste Charisma Cappelli yesterday, but I’m afraid it didn’t happend eventualy.
      Ariel X wrestled Beretta James.
      couple of hours later Charisma eventualy wrestled Beretta (guess she replaced Dragon).
      it was somewhat an upset, since Beretta won the very promising Charisma.

      today Charisma supose to wrestle Kaylee Hilton.

      don’t know about Kaylee wrestling Ariel x.

      • arikh Says:


        Beretta won about 200-40.

        p.s 2

        Ariel X new boobs maybe not real, but they’re spectacular!! they suit her hard rock body superb.

  6. arikh Says:

    today’s matches:

    Dragon vs Shae Simone.

    apperantley Charisma got injured yesterday, so she couldn’t wrestle Kaylee today.

    Lyla Storm says she’s gonna wrestle tommorow, could be against Kaylee (as a replacemnt for Charisma), don’t know yet…

  7. Ringmaster Says:

    I wonder whether Isamar applied her signature matchbook pin on Rain? (See SOAP 142 in which Chantel was the opponent). This would be a particularly effective move in US as the other wrestler’s rump is presented like a bowling ball on the stand and her asshole and pussy can both be fingered simultaneously and at will. Presumably this scores double points? Rain may be too strong to be pinned in this way but it is surely a matter of time before we see Isamar apply this hold during a US bout.
    Charisma showed promise and has a nice bod, I hope she doesn’t turn out to be another pornflake who can’t hack wrestling.

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