Axl Rose Appreciation Thread

I heard Guns N’ Roses were going into something called the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. upon further review, I discovered that this so-called Hall did not include Slayer, King Diamond, or GWAR, so therefore it must not actually exist. regardless, it’s still a great excuse to post some awesome clips of Axl being Axl!

the first show I ever went to was in 1992, with Guns and Metallica co-headlining a stadium tour (I should also mention Faith No More was the opening act) and what a tour it was! the only thing bigger than Axl’s ego was Jaymz Hetfield’s mullet! a few weeks after the RFK show, was the infamous Montreal incident. Jaymz burns his arm in a pyro accident during Fade To Black. Axl stops GN’R’s set halfway thru due to voice problems. 50,000 drunk French Canadiens riot!

as for the band Guns N’ Roses, I like Slash. I like Izzy Stradlin. and for some reason, every time someone mentions Duff McKagan, I think of Christina Applegate. Appetite For Destruction was a helluva album, but the Use Your Illusion double album could’ve been condensed into an EP.

Axl throws fans out mid-song; Axl plays foreign diplomat in Chile; Axl thanks fan for fucking up the entire show; and of course, the one that started it all, the Rumble at the Riverport in St. Louis, 1991. HI AXL! HI AXL! WHERE’S AXL?!? HI AXL!!!


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