Have I Told You Lately How Much The Battery Life On This Droid SUX!!!

well, I reckon it’s been about a year since I upgraded to one of them fancy smartphones, I hear all the young folks jibber-jabberin’ about. I was reluctant to get a new phone, b/c I didn’t think it was necessary. I was due for an upgrade in February 2010, but I didn’t make the transition until December 28. and that was only after they offered to give me the phone for free, as long as I renewed my contract with Verizon for another two years.

well, I reckon I’m about as popular as a case of chlamydia at a prostitute convention with all the trimmings, in Asbury Park, NJ. nobody calls me on the telephone, so I sit and watch my tv all alone. do I really need to watch porn on a 3″ LCD? probably not, but at least it’s nice to know I have the option to do so. of course, the battery is terrible so I might only get about 3 minutes to bust a nut, before my phone prompts me to recharge it.

well, I reckon there was a time I could go every other day before having to charge it. then, it was once a day. now, it’s twice a day! ppl keep telling me I should buy a spare battery and a separate charger, but I say “FUCK THAT!” the money I’d spend for both those items would only compound my aggravation and add an extra step to what is currently a manageable (if somewhat inconvenient) process.

seriously, I love this phone, but I’m not putting any more money I don’t have to, into it’s upkeep. yes, I am spiting this phone by recharging it…to DEATH-DEATH-DEATH

well, I reckon it’s about that time for Wrath von MagicMist to post his rebuttal about how glad he is that he doesn’t have a cell phone. the floor is yours, sir!


2 Responses to “Have I Told You Lately How Much The Battery Life On This Droid SUX!!!”

  1. Clint Says:

    Hehehe. I hear there’s an app that sorts all your phone’s tasks in order of total-battery-usage, so that you can figure out what is draining it and stop doing whatever that is.

    But yea. Cell phones, compared to landlines, are creatures you need to nourish and take care of. I can’t even nourish a plant; i can barely handle my computers 🙂

  2. Carolyn Says:

    I got a battery for $5 on the internet. But I got it because my phone kept dying randomly, even when it was fully charged.

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