Finn Copes With Issues Of Jake Abandoning Him, By Setting Fire To Weird Al’s House

Jake has a “croak dream” where he is floating in outer space with Bananaman (Weird Al) Jake relays the details of his dream to Finn. they spot Bananaman standing outside their house. they get freaked out, but then Bananaman leaves. they chase after him. Finn thinks Bananaman is going to walk right into the sun, and assumes he will kill himself. Jake assures Finn that the sun is not sitting on the horizon, as Finn sees it. Finn then believes Bananaman lives on the sun. it is revealed that Finn hasn’t eaten breakfast.

they spot Bananaman doing some sort of aerobics dance workout in his house. Finn is struggling with his abandonment issues, so he decides to set fire to Bananaman’s house, in an effort to get him to move away. the plan backfires as the flaming arrow he was using to commit arson, takes a few weird angles, and ignites a rocket, that is idling behind Bananaman’s house. Jake sees that this is his destiny, as foretold in his dream, so he jumps on the ship. however, there’s not nearly enough firepower to launch, and the rocket tips over. the impact creates a chasm in the ground, causing all three to fall thru. Jake assumes that it wasn’t his time, but says Finn won’t be there, when it finally does happen. Finn gets all stalkery, and chases Jake, claiming he’ll never leave his side ever again!

XianZ: +8
netflix: 4/5
imdb: 9/10



One Response to “Finn Copes With Issues Of Jake Abandoning Him, By Setting Fire To Weird Al’s House”

  1. Clint Says:

    i’m glad they recently revealed that Ooo is post-apocalyptic earth, which had only been hinted at prior

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