Ultimate Surrender – S9E15 – Gia DiMarco vs. Beretta James

what can we say about Gia FUCKING DiMarco?!? we loved her shoot with Sinn Sage and Elexis Monroe on Whipped Ass. we plopped our gloppers countless times, watching her Everything Butt shoots with Chanel Preston and Lorelei Lee. and then last week, Brando released the first two parts to his A Clockwork Orange homage on the Double-Z, and all I can say is GAWDAMN!!! what could possibly be better than watching Gia ride a strap-on on Madison Ivy’s leg, while Zoe Voss rides one on Madison’s other leg? oh, how about Madison, Gia, and Zoe re-creating the home invasion scene from ACO, where they take turns sexing up one lucky bloke. and so we are proud to announce that Gia DiMarco is the IGRO 2011 Performer of the Year.

as for her career at Ultimate Surrender, Gia has made great strides over the past coupla seasons. she is coming off a victory over Lyla Storm in week 12. she is a top 10 talent, big-time MILF, and a serious contender to Tia Ling’s crown as queen of the cruiserweights.

Beretta James is the Little Pistol of Ultimate Surrender. if you’ve been following this blog, then u already know she’ll be back for future matches. Matt is already predicting she will have a successful run thru the circuit. she’s appeared on a host of other Kink sites, and has become a fan favourite. wins are soon to follow, but today would not be her day.

in a battle of opponents with similar size and stature, experience won out. Gia took control with brutal leg-scissors, and face-sitting, in running her record to 2-0 this season. the punishment continued in round 4, with Gia pounding Beretta, until she was moaning and cumming like a whore. The Goddess of Sodomy was looking sexy as hell, even while rockin’ the sweatpants. let’s see more of those legs next time!

as was reported right here on this very blog, Ariel X is already back to active competition. we can confirm that she is also scheduled to wrestle in the next tag match, scheduled for January 13. no word yet on who the other three wrestlers will be, but I suggested they put her and Isamar on opposite teams, and pair each of them with a noob. I think it’s a safe bet her return singles match will be posted on the 13th, at which time we will re-instate our rankings.

congratulations to Gia on her win and for being named IGRO’s Performer of the Year. it’s been a real pleasure watching u do yer thang this year! every scene I mentioned in the opening paragraph is highly-recommended viewing for fans of hers.



4 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E15 – Gia DiMarco vs. Beretta James”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Gia v Tia is a must match to decide the featherweight title. I’d like to see Isis and a big stunt cock take part in the Rd4 of that one, so that the loser is throughly worked over.

    • arikh Says:

      Gia is my favorite girl, but I’m afraid she’s not ready yet to fight Tia. there are still couple of girls in between their rank whom Gia should fight before she should face Tia.
      in the current and previous seasons Gia only met rookies (Emma, Rosemary, Lyla and Beretta). I must remind the fact she did started a match against Mahina, and she couldn’t handle her at all (they finished only 1 round, ended with 200-0 for Mahina…).
      Gia is getting better, but she needs to fight a little better girls now, in order to get up in the ranks.
      girls such as Iona, Serena or big rookie Sofia Lauryn could be suitable tests for her now. after that maybe a rematch with Jessie Cox. anyway, Tia is still way up in that ladder.

  2. Joe Says:

    I know it was from 2010 but her Everything Butt shoot with Dana DeArmond is one of the best she’s ever done. A worthy winner!

  3. Grem BHM Says:

    Dear Sir Celticfrostedflakes

    I’m a bit disappointed by the lack of respect you have for Beratta James by not showing a picture of her match against Gia DiMarco,

    At the moment Berreta James is the “Little Pistol” but she could turn one day into the “Big Gun” and, as Mr Rattlehead Mustaine may remind you, there is “99 ways to die” =)

    I wish you all the best for next year with your new titles of: Ariel-X “fan of the year” / Lesbian greetz-fight-fuck-humiliate “critic of the year” .

    Keep up the good work ! Hope you can put more musical reference in your U/S reports 🙂

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