Local Idiot Buys His Own Domain

in what is being hailed as a landmark move by someone who has absolutely no concept of finances or teh inferwebz, Persie Handfisher bought the domain name for his blog. what originally started out as a clever homage to Xavier: Renegade Angel, quickly turned into one of the most socially-reprehensible blogs on the net, as seen on 10 Things Destroying Sean Hannity’s America

“we were looking at how to spend our budget surplus, and it was either buy the domain name, or get a one-month membership to Elegant Angel. as tempting as it was to watch Celeste Star tongue-fuck Kristina Rose’s asshole in 1080p, we decided to go with the former, seeing as how we could probably find that scene for free, if we looked hard enough.” said IGRO chief financial officer, Dr. Milmiliman Lanilim Swimwamly.

as IGRO pushes toward 200,000 hits, the brand has become synonymous with excellence in the field of Onion-inspired headlines, obscure Scandinavian black metal references, and first-rate journalism in the reporting on the glamorous world of underground lesbian sexfighting. the blog also serves as unofficial promotional machine for the Brooklyn-based quadrumvirate known as PFFRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…

and u say to me google+, twitter, facebook? and I say, yeah, who’s FACE-FACE-FACE! this blog will never stop ramblin’ ON-ON-ON…thx for reading! keep coming back. it works, if u work it.



One Response to “Local Idiot Buys His Own Domain”

  1. Clint Says:

    Your own domain?!? Interesting 🙂

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