Ultimate Surrender – S9E16 – Serena Blair vs. Shae Simone

Serena Blair arrived on the scene towards the latter half of last season. she was beaten by Bella Rossi and Tara Lynn Foxx. she still managed to secure a spot in Summer Vengeance, but was bounced by Mahina Zaltana in the opening round. Serena teamed up with Emma Haize to defeat Gia DiMarco and Lyla Storm, in last month’s live tag shoot. Serena could end up being a pleasant surprise in the mid-card division, with a shot at eventually cracking the top ten.

Shae Simone returns, hoping to build off her debut in week 13, in which she was defeated by the Machine of Loving Grace. in that match, Iona managed to bring Shae to orgasm on the mat, en route to scoring the largest margin of victory thusfar this season, 1144-22.

Serena has made great strides in the year that she’s been wrestling. she fingered poor Shae at will, forcing her to orgasm on the mat. she also trapped her in multiple submission holds, including a brutal camel clutch. quite an impressive way to pick up your first career win at Ultimate Surrender, 897-44.

the Goddess of Sodomy was sporting a much more conventional look for this match, with a low-cut top, knee high socks, and some really nice booty shorts. b/c sharing is caring, Serena switched off, and let Isis stick it to Shae in round 4. for all of u foot fetish guys out there, I’m sorry to report she left her socks on.

Bella Rossi is out for personal reasons, and there is no timetable for her return. Abby Darling continues to hint that she wants to wrestle, but there is no word on when or if she will. we’ll keep u updated, as events warrant.

Serena Blair


14 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E16 – Serena Blair vs. Shae Simone”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    The loss of Bella is a serious blow – this match underlines how tedious it can be to watch non-contests in which one girl has no wrestling ability to speak of and is simply fingered at will for three rounds.
    What the site needs is for wrestlers with good, solid experience elsewhere to make the transition to US-style sexfighting.
    Has anyone seen the video of a fight between Christine Dupree and Darling? They start in bikinis and finish nude and the clip I have seen has Christine forcing Darling to submit to a painful combined head scissors and arm stretch. It was flimed in a cage fighting ring.
    Women like Christine may not be all that cute but they can wrestle.
    Can anyone out there suggest others who could provide worthier opponents than the cam girls we are seeing drafted into US at present?

  2. delpierothebest2007 Says:

    Isis love has returned to the wrestling mats after 8 months out. Maybe we will see her next year on the us mats? How about isamar vs her? I’d love to see her destroed by bella but I guess that won’t be happening!

  3. boknrd Says:

    We have veterans dropping left and right. Soon we might have a league of noobs. This saddens me.

  4. delpierothebest2007 Says:

    Als isis lve is training bryn blayne. From what I hear she’s been hitting the gym and taking lessons. Let’s see if her desire to learn will make her a future ariel x! Let’s not fortget how they all started!

    • arikh Says:

      according what we’ve seen from Bryn in the last tag team match – she is the best rookie so far this season. now she’s training with Isis who said: “if you don’t know @BrynBlayne you better follow her!! She’s my new fighter for UltimateSurrender and she’s going to kick ass this season!!”, that only shows how much Isis was impressed by Bryn after one time they train together.

      with the tag team match and now training with Isis, I’m looking forward very much for Bryn’s 1st singles match. I see her losing that debut match only to the top 6 (Isamar, Darling, Rain, Tia, Holly, Mahina) + Ariel and Dragon whos coming back.
      she will defeat mid ranked such as Gia, Jessie or Iona.

  5. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    ok, Bryn Blayne is officially my favourite noob of this season. permission to call her Baby Isis? no wonder she was such a success in the tag match. she is definitely top ten material. I’d like to see Bryn go up against more noobz/mid-carders, before taking on one of the elites.

    • arikh Says:

      hey, don’t make her your favorite rookie before you get to see her, at least in the tag team. we could be bulshiting you about her… 🙂

      I sure hope she’ll get special privileges just for the heroic tag team match and co-training with Isis, so unlike other regular rookies she won’t be thrown to the elites in her first matches.
      it can go either way, there’s also reasoning in the regular system, Bryn is still a raw power without much skills.
      I hope that she’ll get the similar treatment just like Bella, who wrestled Trina and Annie before facing Yana and Dia.

  6. delpierothebest2007 Says:

    Isamar lost to rain by 8 points! She had an average lead of 75 on rds 1 and 2 but ran out of gas on rd 3. Rain used headlocks and titsmothers to score around 150 points against isamars 60 to edge her on the final seconds. Still I think its a great result for isamar. Its normal for her to lose on the beginning. I don’t see anyone beating her when she gets experience. Still just like against bella she loses ground on rd 3. Maybe a bit more cardio and shell be unstoppable.

    • Grem BHM Says:

      Oh Oh … I didn’t see it coming.

      Though I’m a fan of Isamar it’s great to see her on the receiving end.
      Actually this is the dilemna at U/S … watch your favorite dominate is great but watch her getting fucked is fucking exciting !

      • delpierothebest2007 Says:

        Its only her second match. Virtually tied to both of them its something to applaud. Imagine what shell do by the end of the season? Isamar has a lot to gain from experience while the others can improve but they don’t have as much to gain. Only an on fire dragon or ariel x cam beat her.

  7. delpierothebest2007 Says:

    Actually after watching rd 3 again isamar did slow down but she didn’t lool tired. She looked more loke she was giving rain a chance do to something. She cleafly could have gone for shame points but she didn’t when she had control. No licking or fondling. Woth more experience she won’t let this chances go away. In the last 2 mins rain scored half the points she had during the first two full rounds. Isamar knows she could have won if she hadn’t been so nice to rain. Even she admitted isamar is the better wrestler and was telling her how to get out of holds when she was trapped in them.

  8. Ringmaster Says:

    It made me wonder whether Isamar has actually watched any US matches. She wasted a lot of energy putting Rain into non-point scoring holds when she could have applied a straightforward control and fingered, licked or fondled any number of points on the board. I have previously mentioned that she should apply her devastating matchbook pin and finger ass and pussy simultaneously. Maybe one of us should volunteer as her strategy coach. I’d do it for free if she’d let me cum on her losers.

    • delpierothebest2007 Says:

      I agree with you. She held control a lot more time than rain but wasted her opportunities. Rain scored the same points as her in a lot less time. Throw her a few newbies so she gets a hold of the rules and shell be unstopplable.

  9. Ringmaster Says:

    Not sure that sitting on a few noobs is what Isamar really needs. Instead, it’s matches like the one against Rain which will show her the error of her ways in terms of not getting enough cunt-fingering, face-licking and tit-fondling done.

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