Moistboyz Was My Most Listened To Artist In 2011

Moistboyz720 PLAYS – the only band that I’ve ever made two lists for when it comes to their greatest hits. plenty of great songs that were never even officially released. III was the most-played Moistboyz album in 2011. Dickie Moist is the greatest thing to come out of south Jersey, since Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
Bathory648 PLAYS – went from having just 48 plays in 2010. the biggest gainer on the charts. started listening to Bathory, after I heard them mentioned by Tom Warrior in an interview. Under The Sign Of The Black Mark ended up being my most-played album of the year!
Ween532 PLAYSPure Guava is still my #1 Ween album, but this year The Pod was my most-played Ween album.
Metallica508 PLAYS – their collaboration with Lou Reed renewed my interest. The Black Album ended up being my most-played Metallica album. The Unforgiven is the best track on the album.
GWAR485 PLAYS – after a tip from Wrath von MagicMist, I put 2006’s Beyond Hell back into my heavy rotation, and it paid off. it is their best album in over a decade.
Slayer465 PLAYS – I’m still watching their set from Sonisphere 2010 in Bulgaria. the biggest of the Big 4. Seasons In The Abyss enjoyed a carryover effect from the September 2010 show, and was the most-played Slayer album of the year.
Mayhem453 PLAYS – the first two songs I heard were covers done by other bands. De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas is one of those genre-defining albums right up there with Celtic Frost’s Morbid Tales, and Mercyful Fate’s Melissa.
Sleep423 PLAYS – still remember the first time i heard Jerusalem, and thought it was some of the heaviest shit ever recorded! Ozzy Osbourne once said Sleep was the best band at recreating Black Sabbath’s sound. Volume One was the most-played Sleep album in 2011.
Carnivore – 386 PLAYS – Bensonhoist Lesbian Choir 4 LIFE!!! Type O Negative finished in 23rd place, with 227 plays.
Danzig – 378 PLAYS6:66 was my most listened to Danzig album this year. Samhain finished 19th on the list, with 266 plays.

Ween overtook Slayer, to recapture the top spot as my most played artist of all-time, with 1816 total plays.
Megadeth was my most-played artist in 2010, but clocked in this year with 186 plays, which was good for 28th place.

Dickie Moist


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