Here’s Some Pictures From That House Show I Went To Last Year

house shows – where young thespians step away from the cameras to hone their craft as wrasslers. why, I remember it like it was just last year, me and my tude brah, AE Jonze, were sitting in the front row debating which Bella twin was slobbering Dolph Ziggler’s dengus.

if u are a real wrasslin’ fan, then u can appreciate house shows. they don’t spend 20 minutes cutting promos about how John Cena is happy that everyone over the age of 12 thinks he sucks. a lot of guys who don’t get any air time on RAW, usually end up having the most wrestling ability.

the card was pretty solid. The Miz defended the WWE title vs. Randy Orton (currently out of action for the next 6 months) DC’s own Alex Riley was still Miz’s protege, and got squashed by Orton, after The Miz got himself disqualified. there was a 14-man battle royal to open the show (won by Ted DiBiase, Jr.) Daniel Bryan defended his United States title vs. DiBiase. I got a few pics of Maryse, up close and personal. John Morrison vs. Sheamus was the match of the nite. John Cena was injured a few nites before, so the Big Show replaced replaced him in a steel cage match vs. Wade Barrett. Show came out earlier in the evening to cut a promo about how Barrett ate the last jelly donut, to help build hype for the match. Big Show won, but what’s the point of a cage match, if u can win by pinfall. I know he probably couldn’t climb out of the cage, but at least have the balls to turn around, and walk out the door! I brought my copy of Smackdown vs. Raw 2011, hoping Show would autograph it, but he never made it to our section.

XianZ: +9
netflix: 5/5
imdb: 9/10

I don’t wanna crush anyone’s ego, but my friend who has tickets to tonite’s show, was convinced that this is a RAW taping, that will air Jan. 2. I hope he’s not too disappointed to find a half-empty arena and no Titantron. at least he can say he saw CM Punk wrassle The Miz inside a steel cage.

Husky Harris with Ted DiBiase, Jr.

William Regal about to get thrown out of the battle royal

Big Show
Big Show angry with Wade Barrett for eating the last jelly donut

comedy legend, Santino Marella, gives the crowd the thumbs-up

the divas in action

King Sheamus

Sheamus and John Morrison

Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan about to make Ted DiBiase, Jr. tap out

DB 2
Daniel Bryan and the Bella twins


Randy Orton about to ascend the turnbuckle

Orton tasting The Miz’s boot

Wade Barrett attempts a firemans carry on Big Show


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