Local Idiot Passes Out; Recovers In Time To Win Hotly-Disputed Game Of Left, Right, Centre

after a long day of selling cameras and camera accessories, I went to my Best Male Mate’s crib for a pre-New Year’s Eve party. I arrived around 5:30, toting a 12-pack of Sam Adams seasonal brew. an electronic billboard that read “FUCK 2011 LIKE A CATHOLIC SCHOOLBOY!” was a fitting slogan for the year that was. Return to the Eve showed up shortly thereafter, with a bottle of Grey Goose Citron. that shit is so smooth! I recommended she try Belvedere, offering to personally refund her purchase, if she didn’t like it. the combination of alcohol and standing on my feet for 8 hours, left me more exhausted than usual. I took a powernap, while waiting for more guests to arrive.

I ran into a good buddy from college, who I had not seen in several years. he relayed several stories about how much he hates Better Buy. mostly dealing with their price-matching policy, but I assured him that I was still price-matching the voices in my head. he talked about the time Rasputin got a police escort to an AC/DC show, from an officer who wished he could’ve gone. the show that was so loud, u could hear them tuning up all the way out in the parking lot.

I became embroiled in a spot of controversy during a game of Left, Right, Centre u start with three chips, roll a dice for each chip, and it comes up either L, R, C or a dot. if it comes up L, R, or C, then u pass a chip in that direction. if u roll a dot, then u keep the chip. I was easily confused by such an intricate concept, and didn’t know whether it was better to have more or less chips. once all the chips are in the centre, whoever has the last chip wins the pot. long story short, I rolled twice out of turn, but still ended up winning. Carnival Machine Armada drummer, Gauge Yagee, disputed the result, and I would’ve gladly forfeited my winnings ($10), but it wasn’t a big enough deal to reverse the decision.

I spent the rest of the evening chatting it up about my plans for 2012; letting ppl know I would be writing a blog about this shindig; and also claiming that The Problem Solverz is just as awesome as I think it is, only more.

Lord of the Eagles came roundabout 1, whilst Wrath von MagicMist and Hipsterscum were in the midst of a heady jam session. look for a new Carnival Machine Armada to be dropping this summer.

XianZ: +10
netflix: 5/5
imdb: 10/10



2 Responses to “Local Idiot Passes Out; Recovers In Time To Win Hotly-Disputed Game Of Left, Right, Centre”

  1. Clint Says:

    Return To The Eve! Lol!! Nice!

    Well, glad you had a good time. There will be more! Thank you come again.

  2. Clint Says:

    p.s. it’s Left-Center-Right. HIS NAME IS HORUS.

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