PFFR OKs Production Of Bootleg Heartshe Beer Merchandise

PFFR gave [adult swim] another chance to get back into their good graces, by graciously allowing them to air the six-part miniseries The Heart, She Holler. if you’re familiar with any of PFFR’s previous works, then u will undoubtedly enjoy this. as my colleague, Wrath von MagicMist said “it’s like watching a live action version of Xavier: Renegade Angel, directed by David Lynch.” I should give Wrath props on his assessment, b/c this was confirmed in an email correspondence with PFFR. they also gave me the green light to start production on bootleg merchandise related to the show. Heartshe Beer shirts were peppered thruout several episodes, and I am just trying to figure out a way to incorporate Xavier into the design. before we get into the story, let’s take a look at the inhabitants of Heartshe Holler…

Hurlan Heartshe (Patton Oswalt) – entombed within a brick wall since birth, Hurlan emerges to take over Heartshe Holler, willed to him by his father, Hoss Heartshe.
Hurshe Heartshe (Kristen Schaal) – vindictive, oversexed, and locked in a power struggle with her sister, for control of the town. in a perfect world, Kristen would win an Emmy for this role. my favourite character on the show, she steals every scene she’s in.
Hambrosia Heartshe (Heather Lawless) – married to a cop, deeply religious. possesses Carrie-like telekinetic powers. hobbies include making turkey dinners, and talking to the voices in her head. Heather is a PFFR alum, having done voices in several season 2 episodes of Xavier: Renegade Angel, NICE-NICE-NICE!!!
Hoss Heartshe (Jonathan Hadary) – tho he’s dead, Hoss leaves behind a series of videotapes, instructing Hurlan on how to run the town.

Kevin Breznahan – the town’s doctor who mistakenly performs a dong swaperation on Hurlan, instead of a brain transplant, as originally instructed by Hoss. forging documents and constantly taking prescription drugs is hard work.
Leo Fitzpatrick – best known as Telly from Kids, and also appeared in the one-off Totally For Teens (Derrick Beckles, Vernon Chatman) he plays the preacher, who uses the bible to satiate his own sexual desires, while attempting to convert the townsfolk.
Joseph Sikora – the town sheriff, married to Hambrosia. catches her cheating on him with the ghost of a factory worker’s dead hands. he’s also being used by Hurshe, in her attempt to gain control of the town.
Michael Laurence – the town’s hitman, hired by Hurshe, to assassinate Hurlan.
Jon Glaser aka Jon Delocated. he plays a factory worker who has his hands ripped off in an accident, and has them replaced with beer cans.
John Gemberling – best known as Fat Guy Stuck In Internet. he plays another factory worker, who enjoys shoving hamburger meat up his ass.

this show is so epic, that a single post could not possibly do it justice. so I am saving my episode-by-episode recap for another post, that should be up by the end of the weekend.



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