Ultimate Surrender – S9E18 – Beretta James vs. Charisma Capelli

Beretta James is the new MILF on the block at Ultimate Surrender. admittedly, we kinda overlooked her in our write-up of her match with Gia DiMarco, in week 15. however, Matt could sense they had something special with Beretta. the Little Pistol is eager to get back on the mat, and make her case for rookie of the year.

Charisma Capelli goes by the nickname, The Animal, as she was called that during her days as a stand-out on her college softball team. she is also the star of such timeless ZZ scenes as “A Task For Tits” “Impound My Car, I Pound Your Pussy” and ZZ Live 17. Charisma failed to score a point in her week 11 debut vs. Darling.

pretty even match-up with one girl giving up a slight reach advantage, and the other giving up a slight size advantage. in this battle of returning noobz, it’s clear which gal picked up more from her previous match. Beretta seemed more comfortable and confident on the mat. she also appeared to be the more aggressive of the two. and while she wasn’t entirely successful when it came to applying submission holds, it is clear that she is a fast learner. the Goddess of Sodomy was your referee for this match, lending her expertise with the strap-on for round 4, as she and Beretta pounded Charisma from both ends…with sexy results

I believe Ariel X is making her triumphant return to singles competition next week, to coincide with her involvement in the live tag match (scheduled for the 13th) we will bring back the rankings, as well.

The Goddess of Sodomy is pleased


15 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E18 – Beretta James vs. Charisma Capelli”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Doubt has already been cast on Charisma’s level of application. Here she showed no desire to be the fucker rather than the fuckee, then didn’t like it when the plastic dick was shoved in her mouth.
    Beretta has much more of what it takes. She needs to be worked over by what is left of the elite.

  2. arikh Says:

    as you could hear from Isis and Beretta’s interview, it was ‘Little Pistol’s second match in the same day. the 1st was against Ariel X.
    the next day, Dragon had a match with Shae Simone.

    my guess they won’t have 2 weeks in a row with Beretta, so they prefer to put Dragon and Shae’s match before that.

  3. SHAWN Says:

    Dragon back?

    • arikh Says:

      yes. she wrestled Shae Simone couple of weeks ago (mid december).
      I hear also alot of talking about Isis returning, though I doubt that very much…

  4. Grem BHM Says:

    If this was Beretta 2nd match of the day why are they showing this one first ? Will Matt say “Girl get fucked for her 3rd match” ?
    Not that this is important but possibly Beretta learnt a bit from her match vs Ariel and it helped her for this match.

    Do the most famous lesbian sexfight report specialist agree with the fact Jessie is ranked lower than Gia and Serena higher than Mahina ?

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      Mahina should be ranked ahead of all three of those ladies! I would agree that Gia should be ranked ahead of Jessie.

      • delpierothebest2007 Says:

        The rankings would be mahina gia jessie and serena. Bryn blayne faced isamar last week. She forced isamar to tap five times but still lost. Bryn also faced a new wrestler called dana vixen.

      • arikh Says:

        this foursome is very disputed, though everyone agree they are a one solid stack, till Bryn will make her singles debut…

        I put them like this:
        1-5 : Isamar, Darling, Rain, Holly Heart, Tia
        6. Mahina
        7. Jessie
        8. Gia
        9. Serena

        Mahina crushed Serena few monthes ago, Serena still haven’t proven she progressed enough to avenge Mahina.

        Jessie’s win over Gia was long time ago, that’s true. but, Jessie has great fighting spirit, she gave hard battles against good wrestlers such as Rain, and won against experienced veteran such as Samantha Sin, while of Gia’s wins were against very low ranked newbs. Gia’s strength against non-newb girls still needs to be tested.

        the inner rank, Mahina ahead of Jessie and Gia ahead of Serena is somewhat a guess.

  5. arikh Says:

    as I suspected, next match is Dragon vs Shae.
    the question is how further do they want to postpone THE CHAMP, AKA Ariel X’s return to the season. they may increase the drama by puting her return match with Beretta just before the SV.

    Rain is ranked higher than Isamar and Darling. her win over Isamar may grant her higher rank than her, but not higher than Darling.
    their argument could be Rain>Isamar, Isamar>Bella, Bella>Darling (though injured).
    now that Dragon return, I wonder if they’ll give her the 1st spot, or they’ll add Bella>Darling,Dragon to the argument, leaving Rain in the lead…

    Bryn wrestled Isamar and Dana Vixen for AcademyWrestling, not for US.
    if earlier I said she has a very good chance winning her 1st match (at US), now it’s even greater.

    Dana wanted to wrestle for US, saying she has some jiujitsu background.
    Cici Rhodes started wrestling for US but been cut off, and now wrestling for Academy.
    also Kait Snow whos been asked in the forum wrestles for Academy.

    do you guys wish to see these Kink girls also at US ?

  6. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    did anyone happen to catch Bella on Kink Live the other day? she could probably afford to miss the rest of the regular season, and still be somewhere in the top 5, by the time we get to Summer Vengeance. same goes for Darling.

    I don’t think they’ll wait much longer for AX return match vs. Beretta James. they may bump it back to January 27, b/c that’s when the next live tag match is now scheduled for. as far as I know, she is still going to be a part of that one.

    look for the return of my official unofficial rankings on Friday!

  7. Ringmaster Says:

    There is no doubt that Mahina would get fingers into Jessie, Gia and Serena and I’d like to see how she would do against the Dragon. Bryn Blayne is a mouthwatering prospect who should be thrown in with all the elites in her first five matches, just to sharpen her up. Kait Snow carries too much blubber for my liking and while Dana Vixen is capable of taking severe punishment and therefore unlikely to submit easily, she does have the most easy to finger pussy imaginable thanks to those sticky-out cunt lips and therefore will be easy to score against.

    • Grem BHM Says:

      I really like Mahina but Dragon is Dragon. Even if Mahina manages to make good use of her fingers I don’t see her beating Dragon … but Mahina may have much more chance to kick another Asian ass šŸ˜‰ (Tia)

      Matt should sometimes let U/S fan to pick wreslters for a match (like once every 3 months) !!

      • Ringmaster Says:

        Agreed – Mahina v Tia would be a good contest. Tia is in great shape after her maternity leave but provided Mahina has maintained her training schedule she has a good chance to be the one fucking ass in Rd4. Perhaps we might see Tia being DP’d and having her tits milked after her next defeat?

  8. SHAWN Says:


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