Monday Nite Potpourri Of Watching Shit You Probably Have Zero Interest In Reading About

I hadn’t watched any college football all season, and decided to see what all the fuss was about, as Alabama and LSU played their much-ballyhooed rematch in the farce that is the BCS Championship Game. LSU looked terrible on offense. I’ve never seen a team so inept at running the option.

if they had a real playoff format, then they wouldn’t have all this bullshit going on with conference realignment. who gives a fuck about SMU-Pitt in the BBVA Compass Bowl, anyways?!? it’s the only sport where they play the exhibition games AFTER the regular season.

ah, but it was a Monday nite, and I had my wrasslin’ stories on the old picture tube:

Santino and Sheamus defeated Jinder Mahal and Wade Barrett. all four men will be in the Royal Rumble match. Mahal does the job. Sheamus nails him with a Brogue Kick, tagging in Santino to finish him off with the dreaded Cobra. Santino and his cobra sock totally reminds me of Xavier and Snakehand.

Daniel Bryan defeated Kofi Kingston. Bryan wins with the LeBell Lock. Big Show comes out, and they talk about their match that ended in DQ, after Bryan goaded Mark Henry into attacking him. Show says their upcoming match on Smackdown will be no DQ and no count-out. I still like Daniel Bryan the wrestler, but I’m starting to hate the new direction of his character.

CM Punk defeated Jack Swagger. Vickie Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler, and Johnny Laryngitis at ringside. Punk gets the win, but replay shows that Swagger’s shoulder was up before the ref counted to three. Cole and Lawler speculate whether Laryngitis is impervious to making a mistake during the WWE title match between Punk and Ziggler at the Rumble.

Brodus Clay aka the Funkasaurus landed on RAW with a huge thud. no reaction from the crowd before, during, or after his squash match with Curt Hawkins. upon first glance, Clay is being repackaged as a modern-day Akeem, the African Dream. to Clay’s credit, he became the #1 trending topic on Twitter. are wrasslin’ fans the only ones using Twitter on Monday nites?!?

Y2J came out to the usual fanfare. he pretends to get a little verklempt, and leaves.

The Miz sends Ricardo Rodriguez to the ring to call out R-Truth. Truth calls Ricardo a cockroach, and then asks him to sing La Cucaracha. pretty entertaining segment that ends with Miz attacking Truth from behind.

John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler ended in a no-contest; Cena left the arena, after Kane attacks Zack Ryder in the parking lot. Kane lays out Ryder with a chokeslam, and then chokes out Cena to end the show.

the Caps were on the west coast, finishing up a two-game road trip. they sent Backstrom (concussion symptoms) and Green (groin) home early. they lost 5-2, to an LA Kings team that was starting their backup goalie, and lost 1-0 to Columbus in their previous game. yeah, the same Columbus team with the worst record in the league, who had fired their coach, earlier in the day.

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