Ultimate Surrender – S9E19 – (3) Dragon Lily vs. Shae Simone

when last we saw the Dragon, she was hampered by a lingering injury, which ultimately cost her a chance at Summer Vengeance, when she was defeated in the 1/4 final round by Bella Rossi. Dragon is the only woman ever to have her colours officially retired, she is a true legend of the sport. as the all-time leader in career wins, she is the O-G of Ultimate Surrender, and the only active wrestler left from season 1.

Shae Simone’s got that deer in the headlights look in her pre-match posedown pic. and who can blame her, as she was about to square off with the returning Hall-of-Famer. Shae’s previous matches came against Iona Grace and Serena Blair (both losses), so there was a definite upgrade in her level of competition. Shae had problems in each match, keeping her opponents fingers out of her pussy, and forced to orgasm in both.

to her credit, Shae was able to score some points. but she was never a serious threat to Dragon, who had her way with Shae from start to finish. bending her like a pretzel, Dragon trapped Shae in a wide variety of holds, which forced her to cum early and often. the Dragon finished Shae off by fucking her in multiple positions, before closing with Dragon’s trademark toe-sucking, hitachi-tribbing combination, which always sends the crowds home happy! the Goddess of Sodomy was your referee for this match, but did not participate in round 4.

with the triumphant return of the Dragon, and AX return looming on the horizon, we bring back the OFFICIAL UNOFFICIAL Ultimate Surrender rankings. it feels good to have these two world-class veterans back in the fold, to give me the direction, I was sorely lacking during their absence. the only question was whether to include Bella. since there is no guarantee she will be back, we followed Matt’s formula, and left her out. that being said, I would’ve had her at #5. here are the brand spanking new rankings for 2012!


others receiving votes include Jessie Cox, Iona Grace, and Beretta James.
these rankings are based on skill, record, and potential.
anyone hear anything about Abby Aldrich wrestling this season?



8 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E19 – (3) Dragon Lily vs. Shae Simone”

  1. shawn Says:

    welcome back lily

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    Anybody know what make of wrestling boots the Dragon is wearing in this one? Not sure her ears were ever likely to be under sufficient threat to need the protective headgear.
    Some great holds, the Dragon should write the textbook on effective, point scoring, Ultimate Surrender-style wrestling. Isamar needs to be first in the queue to buy a copy. The match between those two is going to be a sizzler.

  3. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    yeah, those were some fuckin’ stylish boots! I think she was wearing the protective headgear, so that she wouldn’t accidentally strangle Shae with her hair, hehehe.

  4. delpierothebest2007 Says:

    Bryn said she’s wrestling ariel x for a tournament at the of the month. I take it its summer vengeance? But how is it they are shooting so early in the year? Could this be a first rd match? I don’t think so. Bryn and ariel should get a bye to the next rd. What do you think?

    • arikh Says:

      it’s not for ultimate surrender but for Femwin…

      • Ringmaster Says:

        That’s interesting. Nice to see a couple of porn chicks get a chance to show the swimsuit wrestling sorority that they know their holds as well as their holes.

  5. arikh Says:

    Dragon vs Lyla Storm
    Darling vs Holly Heart

    Lyla should wrestle Shae Simone or/and Emma Haize or mid ranked girls. she already got her ass kicked couple of times.

  6. shawn Says:

    how i wish we could see Darling vs Dragon

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