King Diamond Headlines Metallica’s 30th Anniversary Shows

our west coast bureau sent word that Metallica performed four shows last month in San Francisco, to commemorate their 30th anniversary. no song was played more than once, and there were a shitload of covers, with special guests, who were invited to jam with them. anyone who was even remotely affiliated with the band was there. Dave Mustaine, Jerry Cantrell, Jason Newsted, Glenn Danzig, Rob Halford, Ozzy Osbourne, the string quartet Metallica cover band, Apocalyptica, and KING MUTHA FUCKIN’ DIAMOND!!! they reunited most of the original Mercyful Fate line-up to crank out the Mercyful Fate medley (originally appeared on 1998’s Garage Inc.) with King on vocals! each nite, they shared some of their favourite memories of Cliff Burton, and his father, Ray, made an appearance. propz to mathiasnielsen66 for sharing these videos, great job! sadly, the much talked about Jaymz Hetfield/Axl Rose duet on “I Got You Babe” never happened.


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