Best Male Mate Celebrates Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary, Part the 38th

I rolled into Wrath von MagicMist’s birthday party roundabouts 10 PM on Saturday nite. I didn’t have any dinner, so I feasted on Cool Ranch Doritos and some excellent hummus that was made by Big E. I was unable to recapture the magic I had when I won my very first game of Left, Center, Right a few weeks ago. Willow was playing on a monitor in the kitchen. I gained 3 experience points when several partygoers were impressed that I saw it in the theatre. I lost 2 experience points when I initially misidentified it as The Hobbit. Scarface came on a short time later, and I did my best to ad-lib several scenes with my Tony Montana impression.

I was talking with my tude brah, AE, about cameras. he’s had his eye on the Canon Rebel T3i, and I mentioned that I shoot with the T2i. the primary difference between the two is that the 3 has the fold-out LCD screen. we talked a little bit about wrasslin. Cena’s heel turn, why Wade Barrett should win the Rumble, Orton’s vacation in the Bahamas, Y2J, and I said that Gorilla Monsoon was the greatest play-by-play man in the business. we talked about the great chemistry Monsoon had with Bobby Heenan, particularly when they called the 1992 Rumble (which is still the greatest Rumble match of all time!) we also talked about how Vinman would always oversell when he worked as PBP in the 80s and 90s. we talked about the two ATR shows in Baltimore. I preferred the first show (my first and only time seeing ATR so far), b/c that was a greatest hits set spanning each of their first three albums. the only thing I regretted about missing the second show, was that when my friends met up with Nic Endo, she asked where I was.

Return to the Eve told me she was going to the Adult Entertainment Expo this week! I was jealous, and for a split-second thought about dropping everything and going. I told her about a show I went to when I was there in July. BITE, it’s got naked chicks and vampires in it. u can’t go wrong with that combination! u can pretty much do everything u would want to in Vegas, in about 36 hours. I asked her to get me some autographed swag from Asa Akira and Skin Diamond, while she’s there. *fingers crossed*

Hipsterscum filled me in on the Pixies. I only got one of their albums (Doolittle) which he said was when they were at their peak. he said all their albums are pretty good, with the exception of Bossanova. he also told me about The Birthday Party, which was Nick Cave’s first band. I told him I would eventually incorporate both of those bands into my heavy rotation over the next six to eight months. with Carnival Machine Armada currently on hiatus, Hipsterscum has been playing the club circuit with his new side-project, Atheist Tambourine. we’ve got video from their set below.

XianZ: +10
netflix: 5/5
imdb: 10/10

One Response to “Best Male Mate Celebrates Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary, Part the 38th”

  1. Clint Says:

    Always cool to hear about the parts of the party I missed…!

    Bossnova’s still pretty good tho, some good Pixies songs not to be missed… Specifically: Allison, Is She Weird?, Velooria, The Happening, and maybe also Down To The Well and Hang Wire.

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