Freedom…With Their Exception

didn’t think I’d be breakin’ out an “Eye of the Beholder” reference, but GAWDAMNIT, I’m learning some important shit today! there’s a bill that’s getting pushed thru Congress faster than Mexican tap water at a diarrhea convention. apparently, Hollywood wants to censor the internet by blocking outside (non-US) websites that pirate movies, tv shows, and music. oh, but only if it were that simple. Hollywood also wants to shut down social networking sites like youtube, facebook, twitter, or anyone else who may share something that they deem as copyright infringement. start-up web sites could face being shut down, if Hollywood thinks they’re not doing a good enough job of filtering content. average schmucks like me could go to jail for up to 5 years for posting a video of me doing my award-winning a capella version of King Diamond’s “Omens” and all so they can make a few extra bucks selling blu-ray copies of Zookeeper. you’ll still be able to access the piracy web sites, only now you’d haft type in their ip address. the end result will make the web less stable and less secure. sites like Google, Wikipedia, and WordPress, have taken a stand against this bill, with a self-imposed 24-hour blackout. basically, this comes down to a bunch of totally clueless politicians, with movie studio executives telling them what to do. sounds like the blind leading the blind…

here’s a video that’s far better at explaining this situation than I ever could


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