Ultimate Surrender – S9E20 – (1) Ariel X vs. Beretta James

after taking a few months off to get breast implants, The Whole Fuckin’ Show of Ultimate Surrender has come back! the only two-time, two-time Summer Vengeance champion, and the only active wrestler to capture the Triple Crown. while displaying one of the most impressive sets of holds in the game today, AX also trains up-and-coming noobs on becoming a star in the sport she holds so dear.

Beretta “Little Pistol” James is on the short list of potential rookies of the year. after losing her first match to Gia DiMarco, she bounced back with an impressive win over Charisma Capelli. her match with AX should be viewed more as a training session to help her build for the rest of the season, and beyond. Beretta is a star in the making.

showing zero signs of ringrust, AX proved once again why she is the odds-on favourite for a third Summer Vengeance title. devastating submission holds and deep finger penetration were too much for Beretta to overcome. her first match back, and AX picks up right where she left off, with a 629-0 victory. the time away from the mat must’ve left her in a rather feisty mood, b/c she scoop-slammed Beretta, before fucking her in a variety of positions. the Goddess of Sodomy wuz your referee, rockin’ the traditional zebra shirt and sweatpants, but did not participate in round 4.

Ariel X


2 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E20 – (1) Ariel X vs. Beretta James”

  1. GRM BHM Says:

    Beretta is very cute, I give her the title of “coup de coeur de la saison 9” !! and I wish her a lot of success. I like her chance in 2-3 match against Mahina who hasn’t wrestled for a “long” time.

    Beretta – AX vs Lyla – Dragon: Beretta will dominate Lyla for sure and AX should be able to control Dragon so I predict a +200pts margin for The Champ team (if they use their tags properly)

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    In my experience, women with implants really get off on having their tits sucked while they are being fucked. In the unlikely event of Ariel getting beaten, Isis will need to get her gob round those very suckable looking juggs. Beretta’s rump was made for doggy but she obviously learned a lot from being beaten and fucked.

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