Ultimate Surrender – S9E21 – (4) Darling vs. (8) Holly Heart

there are few girls on the scene, who can match up with Darling, in terms of her skill and experience. her vast arsenal of holds makes her a legit threat to crack 1000 points every time she hits the mat. she showed no lingering effects of the injury she suffered last summer, in her dispatching of Charisma Capelli in week 11.

it’s been an up-and-down season for Holly Heart. she struggled in her first match back, a loss to Rain DeGrey, then showed flashes of brilliance, in a win over Audrey Rose. many analysts feel that Holly is capable of getting to that next level, but her stamina is the main issue.

it’s matches like these that provide a good measuring stick for the mid-carders to see how far they’ve come, and how far they still have to go. Darling thoroughly dominated Holly, forcing the Honey Badger to just lay there and take it, while she fingered her pussy at will. in somewhat of an unexpected squash match, Darling wins by a final score of 907-3. round 4, Darling was all up in that ass, with her trademark blue strap-on! the Goddess of Sodomy was your referee for this contest. she was sporting a low-cut zebra top, biker shorts, and knee-high socks. she did not participate in round 4.

two of my BFFs went head-to-head in last nite’s tag match. Ariel X teamed with Beretta James against Dragon and Lyla Storm. feel free to post spoilers. my pick is AX and Beretta by 75 points.



7 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E21 – (4) Darling vs. (8) Holly Heart”

  1. arikh Says:

    I wasn’t able watching the live tag team, so I’m looking forward reading updates about what happend there.

  2. GRM BHM \m/ Says:

    As previously written I go for an AX-Beretta victory …. Beratta should beat Lyla “easily” and I think AX is better than Dragon, then it will mainly depend on how the tags have been used.

    +200pts for Ariel & Beretta

  3. Ringmaster Says:

    This was a real statement of intent from Darling, who must know that this is a make or break season for her. She can either win Summer Vengeance or be branded permanently as the nearly but not quite girl of US. Good to see a loser getting seriously bumfucked as she deserved. Holly needs to get back in training or some of the newbs will fancy ramming their dicks in her ass as well.

  4. Joe Says:

    That was embarrassing for Holly, she just couldn’t get out of Darling’s holds. She’s strong but she was quite slow today and Darling was absolutely relentless! A fully deserved sodomising to mark her ninth defeat. I hope when she loses for the tenth time Isis joins in for a 4th round DP.

    Oh, and gotta love Matt’s ratings at the start! Holly, stamina = 8. He really does just pull those numbers out of his ass, doesn’t he?

  5. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    Holly is hovering dangerously close to Samantha Sin territory. ie porn chick first, wrestler second. she didn’t put forth the kind of effort I was expecting. I guess u could say, Holly’s heart just wasn’t into it…lame pun intended 🙂

    • Joe Says:

      Holly kicks ass at tag team, though. She’s won 6 and lost 1 out of 7. Strange that she can’t translate that into singles, especially when tag team requires higher stamina levels.

      • arikh Says:

        Holly won a lot of tag team matches mostly thanks to her partners.
        when she was Dragon’s side kick, Dragon was fantastic by trapping the other team’s side kick and scoring a lot of pts without being able to tag. that is due to her great arsenal of holds, very effective on non elite wrestlers.
        Bryn won the last tag team against Rain and Audrey.
        the only tag team match I can clearly say Holly was the dominant factor for the win was Holly & Kaylee vs Jessie & Juliette March.

        Holly has one of the greatest physique at US, she has a super strong body, but lacks stamina and fighting spirit, which downgrade her very much.

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