A Coupla Portlandia Episodes

Carrie drops her cell phone, causing her to flashback to all the fun times she’s had with it.
Spike and Iris plan their wedding, but call it off, when Iris gets angry that Spike has invited his ex. they get back together, while drafting their friends.
Jack McBrayer is mocked for not bringing his own bag to the grocery.
Nelofar Jamshidi stops by Women & Women for an in-store book reading.
a mailman with a dark secret, convinces someone on his route to watch The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
two motorists have trouble deciding who has the right of way at a 4-way stop.

XianZ: +7
netflix: 4/5
imdb: 8/10


204 – GROVER
Fred and Carrie are inundated with requests to see their friends spin.
scavenger hunt where they are dressed up like Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Fred plays a tiny man, often mistaken for a child.
man on hold with the DMV, subjected to waiting music from aspiring musicians “The Dial Tones”
Fred and Carrie go to the park with a dog who survived a tsunami.
two hippies use various pets to help them panhandle.
a married couple goes to great lengths to get their son into the right preschool.

XianZ: +4
netflix: 3/5
imdb: 7/10


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