Cheggit Out? Americans Face Prospect Of Having To Pay For Their Wanking Material

The Reporters Who Cover Pornography, are confirming that has gone the way of the dinosaurs. cheggit was widely considered to be the last great bastion of free smut, following the demise of puretna, in late 2011. in a world filled with virus-laden tube sites, cheggit was a great place to go, if u wanted to see a bunch of hot chicks lounging around the pool, and fucking each other in the ass with strapon dildos, or so I’ve been told.

it was back on January 23, that the site was down for routine maintenance, and that it would be up again shortly. this would signal the beginning of the end for cheggit. in a statement released on Wednesday, mods said that the closing was not related to the FBI’s recent shutdown of megaupload. the bold new vision, laid out in December, just wasn’t feasible, and mods could not come to terms on the direction of the site.

they could’ve just as easily gone dark, but they are keeping their forums open. users can submit jokes, which now appear on the main page, in lieu of the site’s login page. click here to read the official statement.

local pervert, Leonard “Big Jilm” Brahstein, said he was sad to see cheggit fold up shop, but that he had enough ass-related p-pr0n to “choke a baby elephant.” sources are confirming that Brahstein is now contemplating a monthly membership to Brazzers, once he figures out how to file his taxes.

what, me horny?

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