Ultimate Surrender – S9E22 – (3) Dragon Lily vs. Lyla Storm

the Dragon is 1-0 this season, and left no doubt after her beating of Shae Simone in week 19, that she was back in top form, and ready to challenge for the Summer Vengeance crown. a sure-fire lock for an automatic berth in the 1/4 final round, Dragon uses these regular season matches to hone her skills, and teach the noobz a thing or two about Ultimate Surrender.

Lyla “Flesh” Storm continues her rookie campaign, still in search of her first win. sitting at 0-3, she has lost to some of Ultimate Surrender’s top veterans including AX, Gia DiMarco, and Tia Ling. with each match, Lyla has made slow but steady progress, that points toward a bright future on the site.

the book on Dragon is that if u can manage to get your fingers in her pussy, she melts like butter. Lyla managed to work this maneuver on a few occasions, but ultimately was outmatched. the Dragon trapped her in inescapable holds time and time again, utilizing a devastating finger-fucking technique, that generated a priceless look on Lyla’s face, that makes the noob a fan favourite. the Goddess of Sodomy was your referee for this match. she was sporting the black zebra shirt, biker shorts, and knee-high socks. she was not involved in round 4.

we have a shake-up in this week’s rankings. Holly Heart has been relegated to the second division, dropping to 12th. Gia “Everything Butt” DiMarco is 8th, Bryn “Little Whip” Blayne is 9th, and Iona “Machines of Loving” Grace is promoted to first division, sitting 10th on the table. Iona edged out Beretta James by the narrowest of margins. full rankings at the end of this post.

speaking of Gia DiMarco, how about that crossover shoot she did with Ariel X?!? I’m not a member of Hogtied, but this is one shoot that Ultimate Surrender fans will definitely want to check out! the storyline goes that Gia and AX are set to wrestle. prior to the match, AX receives a phone call, where she is told the reason why they never use her as a top for Divine Bitches, is b/c they think she is too soft. AX goes out and brutalizes Gia, placing her in a variety of overly cruel submission holds (including a wicked modified surfboard) however, Gia is not one to be fucked with. she turns the tables, by hiring some muscle, to put a hit on AX. check out the shoot, You Owe Me, which includes a 9-minute trailer.

XianZ: +10
netflix: 5/5
imdb: 10/10


01. AX
05. RAIN
06. TIA
08. GIA
09. BRYN
10. IONA


9 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E22 – (3) Dragon Lily vs. Lyla Storm”

  1. arikh Says:

    huepow!! I think you’re hursh with Holly Heart.
    remember she almost won Tia ling, lost by less than 10 pts. I wish Gia was better than her, but I’m afraid she’s not.
    Iona is better than Holly ?? Beretta ?? can’t believe you realy think that way. though I wish you’re right and one of these girls will face her and kick her ass, it would be a great upset for me.
    Bryn with 1 or 2 matches will be better than Holly, but now it will be an even match.

    I see you got Jessie out, since she said she’s leaving the industry.

  2. SHAWN Says:

    hahahahahahahaha, the reformed dragon. bring them on

  3. camillerozzell Says:

    lyla storm exposed dragonlily weakness and she’s a rookie dragon will fall to one of these rookies or holly heart

    • GRM BHM Says:

      Lyla exposed something everyone has been knowing for a year and a half !!

      You should better have a look at Dragon’s history in U/S before making such statements. Soon we’ll read she would lost if Kait or Harmony return
      … start with Dragon vs Lola the wild child for example !!

  4. SHAWN Says:

    Apart from Ariel, dragon lily remains the best wrestler in the roaster. she was just lecturing lyla, that was why lyla scored some few points . Believe me, dragon lily is still one of the favourite to win this years summer vengeance tournament. THE REFORMED DRAGON, I LOVE U

  5. camillerozzell Says:

    ariel and beretta are going to destroy dragonlily in round four dragonlily will eat rookie ass

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      that’s pretty much what I was expecting. judging from their singles matches, Beretta has more talent than Lyla. to see that Beretta and AX are out to a 100+ point lead after round 1 isn’t very surprising. I hope Princess Donna gets involved with round 4.

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