Bensonhoist Lesbian Choir + New York Giants = WINNING!!!

I fucking hate working Sundays! always have, always will. this is exacerbated during the NFL season, and reaches a boiling climax on Super Bowl Sunday. as the President of the DC-area chapter of the Bensonhoist Lesbian Choir, I was totally focused on cheering for the Giants to whip some Patriots ass. I went into work at 1:00 and it was pretty empty. if there’s one benefit to working on a Sunday during football season, it’s that no one wants to shop when there’s a game on. no matter how shitty the Redskins are, their fans will watch.

the game started at 6:30, but I didn’t sell much of anything after 3:00. I saw a couple in the Home Theater department, making small talk with them, just so I had an excuse to watch the game. I knew my Carl impression would be a bit over the top, so I went with my Peter Steele impression. a very low-pitched tone with a hint of a New York accent that I have been working on since the first time I heard Type O Negative’s faux live album The Origin of the Feces the dude was a Ravens fan, and asked if I was from New York. I said no, but that my father was from Brooklyn. they didn’t buy anything, so I guess the only point of this story was to get a good Peter Steele reference in there.

the halftime show was much ado about nothing. Madonna still looks pretty good, but why did they have her perform a medley of shit from 20 years ago? M.I.A flipped the bird, who gives a fuck?!? I woulda rather seen Madonna slide a few fingers up that short skirt M.I.A. was wearing. for the record, I am aware of who M.I.A. is, and she does have a few catchy songs. also, I impressed a woman once, who was testing out an ipod dock.

Me: is that M.I.A?
Girl: yeah
Me: word

anyways, the Giants won their second Super Bowl in four years, cementing Eli Manning’s place in the Hall of Fame. Tom Coughlin will never hafta worry about job security. and Bill Parcells will always be the greatest football coach of all-time. I’m leaving on a bus for NYC tomorrow morning, catch me if u can!



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