TOMMY!!! and the Lords of Misinformation

our resident Scandinavian black metal expert, Wrath von MagicMist, sent word that Tom Warrior has a new blog up, which is simply an image of a book titled “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Celtic Frost’s Secret Albums” the title of the blog is “Lords of Misinformation” but looking at the book’s cover, it’s kinda funny what with their Onion-esque headlines. I’m guessing tho that Mr. Warrior takes umbrage with the book, and this could be his way of dispelling it. I think I blogged about a fictional meeting I had with Tom Warrior circa the Cold Lake era. I’ll have my intern research that when I return from NYC. Hellhammer was neither from hell nor a hammer, DISCUSS!!!

Celtic Frost


One Response to “TOMMY!!! and the Lords of Misinformation”

  1. Clint Says:

    Cold Lake FTW!!!

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