Ultimate Surrender – S9E23 – Audrey Rose vs. Serena Blair

Audrey Rose is one of the top noobz in season 9. she was beaten by Holly Heart in week 7, but has the size and developing skillset, that has her on the path to becoming a future contender. ranked 14th heading into the match, a win over a veteran, would put her on the short list for rookie of the year candidates. Audrey also has one tag match under her belt, teaming with Rain in a losing effort, against Holly Heart and Bryn Blayne in last month’s update.

Serena Blair was ranked 8th (by Matt) heading into this match. she holds a victory over Shae Simone in week 16. a season 8 rookie, who has four matches under her belt, including an appearance in last year’s Summer Vengeance. Serena also looked impressive in leading her team (along with Emma Haize) to a victory over Gia DiMarco and Lyla Storm in November’s update.

this turned out to be one of the more hotly-contested matches of the season. one of the few times where size wins out over experience, as Audrey pulled away in round 3. both girls were able to execute submission holds, but neither was able to make the other tap. full marks to Serena and Audrey for turning in a candidate for Match of the Year. they both appear to have bright futures at Ultimate Surrender.

Audrey Roses without thorns

no sooner had we elevated Iona into the top 10, than word came down that the Machine of Loving Grace was sidelined indefinitely with an injury sustained outside of Ultimate Surrender. we have promoted Beretta James to #10. the rest of the rankings remain unchanged. Holly is 11th, Audrey 12th, and Serena 13th.

01. AX
05. RAIN
06. TIA
08. GIA
09. BRYN

11 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E23 – Audrey Rose vs. Serena Blair”

  1. camillerozzell Says:

    dragonlily has not been the same since being destroyed by dia zerva she is becoming everybodys hore

  2. SHAWN Says:

    @camillerozzell, apart from dia, and Bella who she lost to due to injury, who has she lost to again? she remain the best wrestler in the U.S

  3. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    Dragon is still among the elite, but there are a few wrestlers on the circuit, who could beat her. if the seedings hold true to form, we could potentially get a Dragon-Isamar match-up in the Summer Vengeance 1/2 finals.

  4. camillerozzell Says:

    dragonlily was manhandled 3 times by ariel x in tag team action i don’t see one on one being any diffrent i don’t think dragonlily will make it to summer vengeance final’s

  5. SHAWN Says:

    Hahahahahahahaha, who is Isamar? that rookie that Rain kicked her ass few weeks back. Her victory over Bella Rossi was a fluke. she will not match the skill and speed of the Dragon. i m very sure dragon lily will prove her critics wrong soon by defeating U.S power house Ariel in a one on one match up.

    • arikh Says:

      Dragon defeating Ariel ??? you must be dreaming. no one can stop her. no one. she’s only getting better and better, stronger and tougher. Dragon hasn’t beaten elite opponent for years, how would she beat the mega elite, the best ever wrestler Ariel X ??

      Darling is better than the Dragon, if they’ll meet in SV, you’ll see that.

  6. camillerozzell Says:

    dragonlily will fall to one of the second tier wrestlers it’s going to happen fingers in the pussy she will become a slave on the mat the us filled with dragon slayers

  7. camillerozzell Says:

    i told you ariel x and beretta made dragonlily a slave on the mat they destroyed dragonlily round four will be epic dragon will eat rookie ass fingers in the pussy dragon will be your slave

  8. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    it doesn’t matter who they put up against AX, or pair her with. there is no one on her level. she may be the only girl on the roster who can win a handicap match.

    Cici Rhodes and Isamar vs. Rain and Bryn is set for this Friday nite. Cici hasn’t seen much action, and Isamar hasn’t competed on the tag circuit. this goes against my personal rankings, but I’m picking Rain and Bryn to win by 150 points.

  9. camillerozzell Says:

    dragonlily falls from grace do to her weakness now everybody is going after that if they fingers in dragon she is finished

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