Return To The Eve Returns From Las Vegas

a few weeks ago, we blogged about the AVN convention that was taking place in Las Vegas. in addition to making a few picks for the awards show (that didn’t pan out) we noted that friend of the blog, Return To The Eve, was attending the convention. she was able to procure for us the autographs we were seeking. ASA AKIRA and SKIN DIAMOND!!! they were also able to talk SKIN into cutting a personal message for me (which was fucking awesome!) XianZ got a few autographs for himself, including AURORA SNOW. we are already in the initial phase discussing a trip to next year’s convention. u can catch ASA and SKIN getting it on in the upcoming Girls Kissing Girls 9

it was Wrath and Storm’s 20th Anniversary Party, and I stopped by for a few hours. I was involved in a game of Left, Centre, Right (finishing 2nd) hipsterscum was none too happy about playing, so he picked up an acoustic guitar, and cranked out some covers of Metallica and Pink Floyd, among others. he has filed an injunction against me preventing the release of any more of his rehearsal sessions, as he gears up to take Atheist Tambourine on their first national tour this Spring. to his credit, he saved me two slices of pizza. which was very much appreciated, since I worked straight thru dinner, and relied on Yuengling and cheese popcorn for sustenance up to that point.

I was asked by AE to cut a few lines of dialogue for some new project he’s working on. I’m not sure what it’s about, but it sounds like I am presenting at an awards show. he said he will send me the finished product, so we’ll keep u posted. he has a video from 2004, that could be the first time I ever met him and Gauge Yagee. in the video, I also cut an epic promo about Bret Hart and Chris Benoit.

I had an interesting conversation with Lord of the Eagles on my ride home. the previous fare he picked up was a nice chunk-a-chicken, who was riding with someone LotE presumed to be either her boyfriend or husband. she said it was her boyfriend, but that she was also married. LotE asked me what kind of man would knowingly let his wife cheat on him, and I replied that maybe he was a cuckold. LotE was unfamiliar with the term cuckold, but after I filled him in on it, he had a good laugh. all in a day’s work…


XianZ: +10
netflix: 5/5
imdb: 10/10

One Response to “Return To The Eve Returns From Las Vegas”

  1. Clint Says:

    I’d have thought you met AE at our 2002/02/02 party…i think you know the one i’m talking about. He was there too.

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