Metal Up Yer Ass, DC!

I met Metal Chris thru Wrath von MagicMist at the Slayer show, when they were on tour promoting the 20th anniversary of Seasons In The Abyss in October 2010 (with Megadeth and Anthrax in support) he does more for the metal community in DC than anyone else, so it’s cool that he got some recognition from the local media. every show he goes to, is usually accompanied by a thorough review, along with some photos and videos of the bands. he was the first one to break the story of Sonar temporarily shutting down. I draw some comparisons between myself and him, b/c the reason why he started his blog, was inspired by a trip he made to California a coupla years ago. check out the article on Washington City Paper. check out his photostream on flickr.

Attila Csihar
Metal Chris pic of Attila Csihar, taken at the Mayhem show Nov. 2, 2011 in Baltimore

One Response to “Metal Up Yer Ass, DC!”

  1. Clint Says:

    He’s a stand-up guy!

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