…And That’s Why Wade Barrett Should Have Won The Royal Rumble

if only the WWE was smart enough to have me on their booking committee, they could’ve put their best heel over in a career-defining match, and he would’ve been on his way to headlining Mania. they instead went with Sheamus to win the Rumble. no offence to Sheamus, b/c he is worthy of a Rumble win, and a top spot at Mania, that goes along with it. but, Wade would’ve had the most to gain from winning the Rumble. it would’ve firmly cemented him as a main-eventer.

so he had to compete in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber this past Sunday, where he may have re-aggravated an arm injury. last nite on RAW, he competed in a 10-Man battle royal to face CM Punk for the WWE title at Mania. Jericho won, but that wasn’t the real story. a lot of guys walked away from that match banged up. Barrett’s injury occurred when Big Show tossed Dolph Ziggler out of the ring, on to Barrett and R-Truth. Barrett fell back awkwardly on the announce table, and word is he dislocated his elbow. Ziggler may have received a concussion, and Truth needed to be helped to the back, following the match. word is that Barrett may miss Mania, and the biggest payday of the year.

if Barrett can’t go, then Randy Orton may get thrown into the Sheamus-Daniel Bryan match or possibly the Money In The Bank match. if Barrett had won the Rumble, as I was angling for, he wouldn’t have had to compete in the Elimination Chamber or the battle royal. he could’ve continued his run as the most dominant heel on the roster, squashing mid-carders, and cutting some of the best damn promos in the biz.

all three of my Elimination Chamber predictions came thru. it’s a damn shame Vegas doesn’t take odds on wrasslin’ matches. I could’ve retired by now. Santino Marella is being pushed more for his in-ring skills, than just his comedy chops. he looked pretty good at EC, and during last nite’s battle royal. Triple H vs. Undertaker at Mania inside Hell In A Cell = 20-0! Cena vowed to beat Rock at Mania, but not before Eve admitted that she used Zack Ryder, in their lame feud with Cena against Kane. how about Kane, huh? the ambulance match with Cena was just as bad and predictable as I imagined it would be. The Rock will be back next week to give RAW that 0.3 ratings boost. Ron Simmons will be inducted into Vinman’s Hall of Fame this year…DAMN!!!

wrasslin’ is fake, but it don’t mean motherfuckers don’t get hurt!


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