Celebrating 34 Years Of My Commitment To Excellence…In The Field Of Abject Mediocrity

had the day off work. normally, I don’t mind working on my birthday, but I’ve gotten more accomplished today, than I could in one week at my job. mapping out the course for the rest of this year, and looking to do things I’ve only been talking about doing. one small step at a time, but after nearly three years of meticulous planning, I can see the payoff in sight.

I’ve been cranking out the tunes all day: Celtic Frost, RHCP, Slayer, Metallica, ATR, Nirvana, Mr. Bungle, GWAR, Dethklok, Ween. yeah, it’s a hella awesome playlist! I met a woman at work yesterday, who said she likes Journey. the only time I will ever reference those guys, is if I’m doing one of my Carl bits from ATHF.

I’ve got my own nite of watching shit on tap, with IGRO’s chief bodily fluids exchange correspondent, Abigail Kardashian Van Der Kweef. in addition to the usual shows (Delocated, Archer, Family Guy, etc.) I am slipping a special viewing of American Cocksucking Sluts 2 into the mix. I haven’t seen the first one yet, so no spoilers please! I heard that they’re already planning to shoot another installment, wrapping the trilogy, and tie up any loose ends from the first two. a full report will be available in the coming days…


One Response to “Celebrating 34 Years Of My Commitment To Excellence…In The Field Of Abject Mediocrity”

  1. Clint Says:

    Happy Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary!

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