Truly, This Is The Greatest Cover Of King Diamond’s “Omens” Ever Recorded

I give full marks to anyone who can not only sing a King Diamond song (let alone try to pull off that insanely difficult falsetto) but can also play it on guitar. I’ve only tried to sing the King when I’m in the privacy of my own home, or when I’m trying to coax a Danish prostitute into giving me a rusty trombone.

I was on The Drunken Wookie’s blog over at Kink, reading about the cam session he had with Sparky Sin Claire. I once saw her squirt milk out of her ass, into Cherry Torn’s mouth. and now I drink three glasses of milk a day! he wrote about how Sparky should be singing on The Voice. I’m not hip to any of the top 40 radio these days, so I put in a request that she sing King Diamond’s “Omens” there’s a 99% chance she doesn’t know the song, but it’s nothing a coupla days of practice couldn’t remedy. bonus tip if she sings it dressed in corpse paint.

I was looking for a video on ye olde youtube, to post on his blog. I saw King Diamond playing “Omens” with Pantera in 1992 (King sans corpse paint) PASS! I found a video of PGSOR covering it. I think that song was out before most of the kids playing it were born…PASS! I saw a video of Queen Diamond (the all-girl KD cover band) playing “Omens” but I’m pretty sure I’ve already given them propz on this blog…PASS!

and then I found it! someone posted a video of themselves playing “Omens” on guitar. sounded good to me, so I started to watch. I thought it was gonna be an instrumental version, but then in the bottom left corner of the screen, a silhouette of that same guy in a wifebeater appeared, and started doing vocals. I laughed, I cried, I threw up the devil horns, I would’ve “liked” it, if ratings weren’t disabled. if u love King Diamond as much as I do, then u will enjoy this video. here’s to u, Mr. KDMFtilltheendoftime AWESOME COVER, GREAT JOB!


5 Responses to “Truly, This Is The Greatest Cover Of King Diamond’s “Omens” Ever Recorded”

  1. Clint Says:

    Hmmm. I wasn’t as much of a fan as you, hehe. I am reminded of my cover of “Betrayer” by Kreator, hehehe.

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    oh man! I think u may be suffering from the after effects of your argument with Mark about the D.R.I. discography 🙂

  3. Carolyn Says:

    When Clint was watching it, I looked over, and I was like “Why is that kid invisible?” and Clint was like “Uh, it’s the same guy.” DERP!

  4. Michael A Says:

    I was that guy and want to thank you for this post. I have since deleted the channel but may repost this video after seeing this. Horns up to you my friends.

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