Rock To Cena: “I Can Haz Teleprompter?!?”

not since George Costanza performed an intricate sexual maneuver on a lady friend in the Seinfeld episode “The Fusilli Jerry” has so much controversy surrounded the use of crib notes. the Rock returned to RAW this past Monday, to let John Cena know that he was scheduled to drop more F-bombs on various basic cable talk shows, but that their feud was important to him. Cena took umbrage with that, saying Rock doesn’t spend enough time with him, and that he misses playing XBOX and swapping recipes, like they used to. Rock got a little teary-eyed, and said he was miffed that Cena didn’t comment on Facebook, about that pic Rock posted of the two of them at Space Mountain. Cena offered Rock an autographed box of Fruity Pebbles, but Rock waved Cena off, and called him the goofiest, eggplant-lookinest, sumbitch on the planet! Cena noticed that Rock had something written on his arm. Rock said it was just a list of all the wrasslers who have had their dengus slobbered by Kelly Kelly. Cena pressed on, asking why Rock had terms like “Candy-Ass”, “Jabroni”, and “Boots-2-Asses” written down. Rock told Cena to slow his role, gave him complimentary passes to Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, and vowed that his teleprompter would be up and running again in two weeks. in the interim, The Miz offered to let Cena squash him again next week.


bad news for all u Goldust fans out there, who were hoping Vinman would give Dustin his dream match at Mania, against little bro, Cody. it was announced at last nite’s Smackdown tapings that Cody will be defending the IC title against The Big Show. speaking of Mania matches that no one wants to see, with Wade Barrett out, Randy Orton may be headed for a feud with Kane. Kharma is pretty close to returning to full-time action. but as of right now, her Divas title match with Beth Phoenix, may end up being left off the main card.


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