I Like To Try Out New Material On The Brazzers Forums

fartin’, pissin’, strokin’ my fuckin’ dick on ZZ, but it’s been a fairly slow week. they pulled the Mia Lelani Big Butts Like It Big scene, after it had already been posted. presumably, b/c they forgot the anal. “SACRE BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS!” she said while winking at me with her browneye.

so one day after work, I decided to troll the forums looking to post shit in some of the more ridiculous threads. one gentleman started a thread saying he was willing to pay $10,000 to have sex with some of his favourite porn stars (including Vanilla DeVille):

I cracked open a Henieken, and went to work. it took me all of about 5 minutes to come up with a response to mirror the presumptive hilariousness of the OP’s thread request:

“oh word! I was just hanging out with Vanilla the other day. we went shopping at IKEA for an armoire. she also talked me out of buying a pair of blue capri pants. she came back to my place and we watched Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie. FYI, John C. Reilly should be getting the Oscar next year. she helped me put on my GI Joe glow-in-the-dark pajamas, and then read me the LA Law parody from Mad Magazine #274, for my bedtime story. Best Date Ever!!!”

my work paid off, b/c Ms. DeVille responded to the thread shortly thereafter:
“LMAO!!!! That’s fucking awesome! I’m literally laughing out loud!!!”

as a result, I was promoted to Softcore Brazzer Member, which means I’m only allowed to masturbate during the dialogue parts. and this thread will be turned into a smash hit scene for MILFs Like It Flaccid. score one for PIMP ALFE!!!


LA Law

Vanilla Deville


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