Ultimate Surrender – S9E26 – (8) Bryn Blayne vs. (10) Holly Heart

Bryn Blayne is the “Little Whip” of Ultimate Surrender. she got knocked around by Ariel X in her singles debut two weeks ago, and just like the Little Whip, she licked her wounds and came right back! a lot of ppl think Bryn will be the next big thing. she trains on a regular basis, and has already won the admiration of the Goddess of Sodomy. even tho she is ranked 8th heading into the match (and 6th by Matt) Bryn has the potential to be a semi-finalist in Summer Vengeance.

it’s been a tough season for Holly Heart, as she enters this week’s match with a 1-2 record. she is looking to bounce back from a lopsided defeat to Darling, in week 21. her week 7 victory over Audrey Rose, showed flashes of what made her a top rookie, two years ago. a win against a fast-rising rookie would go a long way toward cementing Holly’s status at the top of the mid-card. the Honey Badger is currently ranked 10th (and 7th by Matt) placing her in a second round match for Summer Vengeance.

Bryn and Holly renew acquaintances, after teaming to defeat Rain and Audrey in January’s tag update. this was a fairly close, rough-and-tumble match, with the ladies exchanging control several times thruout. in the end, Bryn came away with her first singles win, 234-131. the Little Whip took a page out of her mentor’s playbook by going to work on Holly’s ass with a strap-on in round 4. this was followed up with some hot 69 action, involving a hitachi, and some forced ass-eating. somewhere, the Goddess of Sodomy was overheard to say “that’s my girl!”

with the win, the Little Whip moves up from 8th to 6th. Mahina and Gia each drop one spot. with a match against Isamar still to come, and roughly 11 weeks left in the season, I wouldn’t mind seeing Bryn get one more match in against Mahina Zaltana.

01. AX
05. RAIN
06. BRYN
08. GIA



5 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E26 – (8) Bryn Blayne vs. (10) Holly Heart”

  1. arikh Says:


    two upsets! in one day.

    Serena Blair vs Gia Dimarco

    Audrey took a picture of Serena with wearing a strapon and holding her jockey whip, so I guess she won.

    Audrey Rose vs Penny Play

    don’t have the score, but Penny won. this is Penny who wrestled couple of seasons ago against Samantha Sin and lost.

  2. Grem BHM Says:

    Oh dear !

    For me it seems logical Serena beat Gia … but Penny back and wining against Audrey Rose ?? I’ll believe when I see it !

    This season is really full of surprise ! Can wait until SV begins !

    Thanks for the informations

  3. Joe Says:

    Another defeat and another ass fucking, that’s why I love Holly.

    Wow, 2 big upsets! After she got her ass kicked by Audrey I wouldn’t have put Serena down for beating Gia. Must have been very close… As for Penny Play, talk about a blast from the past! Must be almost 4 years since her one and only match. Can’t wait to see them!

  4. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    once u get past the top 6, it’s pretty much a wide open field. I’m more surprised by Serena beating Gia, than Penny over Audrey. I will hafta go back and watch her match against Samantha, but I always thought Penny had potential. this is a welcome surprise, as I assumed she retired, after having a kid.

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