Gawdamnit, I Love Thu Tran!

during an epic nite of five-star show-watching on Friday, we played a music video directed by the uber-talented Thu Tran. it’s a travesty that IFC cancelled her show, Food Party, after only two seasons. best way to describe it for those that never saw it, it’s like Tim & Eric meets Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

the video is for a song titled “Nothing’s Happening” by a group called Tayisha Busay. it’s both hilarious and awesome, in that it embodies all the qualities of those early ’80s music videos. it’s also got that Food Party vibe to it, which makes me wonder if TB ever supplied music for the show. it’s always great to see comedians (like Thu and Eric Wareheim) showing off their directing skills. I will have a full recap of the nite of awesome show watching tomorrow…


One Response to “Gawdamnit, I Love Thu Tran!”

  1. Clint Says:

    Thu Tran is Talented!

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