Delocated Pays Homage To Cheers

it wasn’t too long ago I opined about how Cheers was one of my three favourite sitcoms of all-time. on this past week’s episode of Delocated, Jon and the gang pay tribute to Cheers.

sexual tension between Jon and network Susan continues to escalate, when Jon mistakes a comment she makes about his cycling outfit, as flirting. she gives him tickets to a taping of Attitude Stool, where Jon meets an aspiring fluff comic. Jon hires him to be his warm-up act for everyday life; at the restaurant, with the Wang Chos, taking David on bike rides, the warm-up act is there.

Susan is so impressed by the warm-up comic’s act, that the network has agreed to put him on salary. this comes at a price to Jon tho, as Susan reveals that she is now dating the warm-up act. after a chat with his life coach, Jon decides to pull out all the stops by inviting Susan to Wang Cho HQ, where he has re-created the bar from Cheers.

Susan is put off by Jon’s advances, claiming there was never any sexual tension. she threatens to cancel the show, if he doesn’t stop. she storms off, and Jon’s warm-up act arrives a short time later. he tells Jon that he broke up with Suan, and then blames Jon for ruining Susan’s lovelife. he then says God should come down from the heavens, and apologise for totally fucking up when he made Jon. the laughtrack they were playing thruout the scene is left on repeat, while they scroll thru the closing credits.

in an effort to move the Mirminsky Family away from organized crime, Yvgeny announces that he has started production on a new line of vodka. Sergei sabotages Yvgeny’s plan, by replacing his “first potato”, and then eating it in front of him. Sergei places a hit on the Wang Chos, extorting $500,000 from Jon in the process. Sergei offers Yvgeny the money to use for the vodka company, but instead throws it in the shredder.

XianZ: +10
netflix: 5/5
imdb: 10/10



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