To Shave A Woman’s Head

Congress called on the adult film industry to impose stricter standards on performers haircuts, in the wake of an epidemic of starlets who are shaving one side of their head. legislation began in September 2010, following the release of Kagney Linn Karter’s Relentless video. her new haircut left both stylists and perverts baffled. while many of her fans were happy that she was finally doing anal, The Reporters Who Follow The Release Of Masturbatory Fluids, reported that the number of raging hard-ons had dropped nearly 37% from her pre-shaved days. those surveyed indicated it was the 1983 Wendy O. Williams haircut that was responsible for the increase of flaccidity. the bill gained momentum this week, with the release of Evalutionary 2.

Rep. Carl Brutananadilewski (D-NJ) released a statement:
“we have enacted Skin’s Law, which says that only Skin Diamond is allowed to have one side of her head shaved. any other starlet who is caught performing a lascivious sex act on camera, with a similar haircut, will be forced to karaoke one verse of King Diamond’s “Omens”, including the chorus. if she is unable to reach a falsetto pitch, she will be subject to a fine and/or spaghetti dinner at the Olive Garden with yours truly, whichever she prefers.”

Brutananadilewski added “while I’m glad to see Eva Angelina is back doing what she loves, I don’t know what kind of example she’s setting for her two young children. your first on-camera double anal, should be a magical experience u can tell your grandkids about. but they won’t be talking about how u had two throbbing dicks up your shitbox at the same time. no, they’ll be talking about what prompted u to get that 1987 haircut!”

Brutananadilewski was later questioned as to whether he was aware of the G/G scene with Eva and Skin in Evalutionary 2. he replied no, but that his penis sure was, BUH HUH!!!



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