Ultimate Surrender – S9E27 – (3) Dragon Lily vs. (5) Rain DeGrey

Dragon Lily is still at the top of her game, and arguably the best wrestler after AX. u could also make the case that she’s having the best season of her career. she is 2-0, and a lock for an automatic berth in the 1/4 final round of Summer Vengeance. she is also fresh off a victory over AX in last month’s tag match update.

Rain DeGrey is next in line to join the uber-elites. after conquering the mid-card, she scored the biggest victory of her career, by defeating Isamar “The Academy” Gutierrez, in week 17. not satisfied to rest on her laurels, she sets her sights on another of “The Big 4”

this match was a good indication of where both these ladies stand on the US ladder. Rain has come a long way, in the last 2.5 years, but there is still much work to do. Dragon took control from the outset, tying up Rain’s arms, and nullifying any reach advantage she might’ve had. Dragon’s persistence paid off in round 3, when she was able to work her magical fingers on Rain, forcing her to orgasm twice on the mat.

round 4 was vintage Dragon Lily! she made Rain eat her ass, while she paraded her around the ring. she fucked Rain’s ass, while making her suck her feet. then they vibed together with a hitachi, as Dragon left Rain sodomized, tired, and stirring in a puddle of her own juices. The Goddess of Sodomy was your referee for this match. sadly, she was not involved in any backdoor shenanigans.



13 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E27 – (3) Dragon Lily vs. (5) Rain DeGrey”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Great to see Rain get fingered to orgasm and fucked in the ass. Dragon seems determined to go out with a bang this season. The inevitable climax of an SV final against Ariel looms, unless Isamar’s big ass gets in the way and smothers her into submission in the semis.

  2. SHAWN Says:

    @camillrozzell,Joe,celticfrostedflakes,delpierothebest2007, Ringmaster and most importantly arikh. were are you guys?. i m beating my chest , were are you guys, she has done it again.. i m shouting, Dragon lily has done it again. just last week she disgraced Ariel in a tag match. every one of you were saying she is only good with the rookies. but now see what she has done to a top rank wrestler . i m waiting patiently for the day when dragon lily will humiliate Ariel x one on one on the mat.

    • delpierothebest2007 Says:

      Shawn I never said dragon was only good vs rookies. However after her fight with bella I did say she was losing her level. It seems a healthy dragin is back and with a vengeance. Let’s hope she stays like this for summer vengeance. Isamar needs to catch up quickly or shell be destroyed on the sv tourney I can’t wait to see a dl vs isamar match!

      • delpierothebest2007 Says:

        Also for me rain never has been an elite… She defeated isamar because isamar let her. Did anyone see femwins isamar vs ariel x? Its a preview of summer vengeance to come!

    • arikh Says:

      I don’t want to spoil your enjoyment of this win by Dragon. great win over Rain, whos a very good wrestler, but let’s not get carried away. Rain is not that great wrestler yet. her skills are still pretty low level.

      I’ll only say that Rain can’t even dream of scoring 127 pts against Ariel.

  3. SHAWN Says:

    i will even suggest a handicap match ariel xand darling vs dragon lily, i know dragon lily will win. ……… hahahahahahahahahah

  4. Joe Says:

    Dude, Ariel wasn’t “disgraced” in tag team, her team lost because DragonLily’s team made better use of their tags. When they were 1-on-1, Ariel kicked her ass. DragonLily did well to beat Rain but don’t get carried away, when she comes up against the likes of Dia and Ariel she gets her ass handed to her.

  5. camillrozzell Says:

    shawn dragonlily will not reach ariel x in sv she will fall before that happen’s first it was dia last year it was bella who will be the next dragon slayer

  6. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    I thought Rain would present more of a challenge, but I give full marks to Dragon for disposing of her, with relative ease.

    I still haven’t watched that tag match, other than the fisting clinic Princess Donna put on in round 4.

    the 1/2 finals are pretty much set:
    AX vs. Darling
    Isamar vs. Dragon
    I suggest foregoing the 16-girl format, and just have these four wrestle a round-robin tournament, to determine who the real queen of fuck mountain is!

    Rain can wrestle Bryn in a best-of-three series, for the mid-card title.

  7. Ringmaster Says:

    If anybody seriously thinks Darling has a chance in SV, have a look at this:
    It’s a naked cage fight in which she gets wrestled into submission by Christine Dupree, who despite her saggy tits and slept in face, can still hand out and take some serious punishment.

  8. SHAWN Says:

    you are right Ringmaster, i dont know why darling is rated as an elite wrestler, which of the top rank wrestler has she beaten before? she dont have a chance in S.V. she will not even make it to the finals. we all know who this year champion is, DRAGON LILY. Dragon lily is the best that was, the best that is and the best that will be. far far better than Ariel x

    • arikh Says:

      Shawn, that’s heresy!! your last words should be deleted!

      Darling is better than Dragon.

      comparing Dragon to Ariel is a joke.

    • Joe Says:

      I can’t wait to see DragonLily get her ass kicked in SV and you make up some sill excuse and then go on about how Ariel’s nowhere near as good as DragonLily is even though she’s going to win her THIRD title this summer.

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