I Met A Man About A Horse

I had a dream that I flew to Las Vegas to visit a friend from college. upon my arrival, he instructed me that I was to meet a man about a horse. I took a cab to a remote wooded area, where I was greeted by an elderly man, who was riding a tractor on a gravel road. he asked if I was here about the horse. I said yes, and was lead to the stables.

the horse was being groomed, and I made my way over to pet him. the groomer said I could only pet the horse, if I was serious about buying it. I told him that my friend was interested in buying the horse, and I inquired about the asking price. he said since they already had one horse, they would sell me this one for a grand total of $30!

he asked if I wanted to take the horse for a test drive. I said no, not really, but then he gave me something to drink (not alcohol) and next thing I know I was galloping down the freeway on this magnificent steed. I had no idea what to do, so I yelled out a few commands. the horse leaned his head back, and appeared to give me the evil eye.

we eventually ended up back at the airport, where we were racing down a runway, as a jumbo jet was taxiing for take-off. I tried to pull up on the reins, but the horse only increased his speed. I was panicking, and tried to jump off, but my legs got tangled in the stirrups. the plane wasn’t slowing down, and neither was the horse. I braced for impact, as the horse attempted to hurdle the plane. just as his hind leg clipped one of the wings, it felt like I tripped, and my right leg kicked out violently, awaking me from the dream.

for the record, air travel seems to be one of the more commonly recurring themes of my dreams. often times, I am either stuck at the airport and/or running late. there have been a few times when I can’t even find my luggage. my success rate of making my in-flight dreams is approx. 25%



One Response to “I Met A Man About A Horse”

  1. Clint Says:

    pretty soon the TSA will demand a presence inside your brain!

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