Big Changes Coming To America’s Favourite Underground Lesbian Sexfight Promotion

The Reporters Who Cover The Glamorous World Of Underground Lesbian Sexfighting received an e-fax from the powers-that-be about changes coming in the new season (10th) of Ultimate Surrender. shorter rounds, more aggressive fucking in round 4, and twice as many updates. Summer Vengeance 2013 may see a format change, but as of press time, nothing has been confirmed. as I have been saying for the past few years, Summer Vengeance looks great on paper, but is not practical, and needs to be overhauled.

1. reduce the number of SV participants from 16 to 8
2. top 2 wrestlers are seeded into opposite groups.
3. the remaining 6 wrestlers are drawn at random into either group.
4. the tournament plays out in a round-robin format, where each girl wrestles the three other girls in her group.
5. the top two from each group advance, where the group winners face the second-placed girl from the opposite group.
6. winners advance, and the losers meet in a third-place match.

here is the official statement from Matt, regarding changes for season 10:

Ultimate Surrender will be over going a major over haul starting with the new season after the Summer Vengeance Tournament sometime in September. We are excited to bring you this news of the upcoming changes to the site.

To start we will have a new look. A new mat is has been ordered, a new logo designed, and a new color scheme has been drawn up. We are going with a more Collegian look, as we head into the ninth season.

The second is the much larger change so forgive my method of explaining this, as an English Major might crucify me 🙂

1: We are shorting the wrestling rounds from 8 minutes to 4 minutes.
2. The 4th round will be a bit shorter but we are going to direct the wrestlers to make the sex faster paced and a bit more aggressive in nature. Losing will have consequences.

We will be updating 2 times a week with the matches. So in any given week depending on how many Monday’s are in a month you will get a RD of the previous months Live Tag Team Match on Monday. A new Match on Wednesday, and a new Match on Friday. The exception being on the day of the Tag Team Match, that will count for that Fridays update.

So we will be able to bring you more matches, more wrestlers, faster more exciting wrestling, hopefully less injuries and more RD4’s!

The Tag Team Format will not change.

The rules will change to reflect the shorter rounds, for example. After 30 seconds, submission is possible, after a minute we break the hold, unless fingers are in the pussy. We will award double style points for forcing an orgasm on the mat as well as a money incentive!

Please feel free to ask questions.

Matt Williams

what do u guys think? I kinda like the idea of shorter rounds, so at least we don’t hafta sit thru any more blowouts, where the only thing in doubt, is whether a veteran is gonna break 1000 points against some noob.

more updates hopefully means a greater influx of new talent, and shorter seasons.

more aggressive round 4 fucking: no girl’s butthole shall be off-limits (whether it be with strap-on, fingers, etc.) if she does anal, then DP is MANDATORY (but only when the Goddess of Sodomy is referee)

be back Friday with our regularly scheduled Ultimate Surrender update…

3 Responses to “Big Changes Coming To America’s Favourite Underground Lesbian Sexfight Promotion”

  1. Joe Says:

    Hmm. I’m not sure about this. I agree with you that SV needs changing and an initial group stage is probably the best way to do this. 4 minute rounds and a “shorter” round 4 basically means 20 minute updates. I can see the upside in that we get more wrestlers and more matches but I’d have to see how it turns out until I pass judgement really…

  2. sree Says:

    The idea of a 4 minute round is great but the downside is less pussy action. Maybe they should continue the round until the fingers are out of the pussy or someone cums.

  3. Ringmaster Says:

    This will make US more appealing to lazy porn sluts who haven’t got the stamina for 8 minute rounds, but won’t do much for the quality of the wrestling action.
    On the other hand, we will see a wider variety of women on the mat and hopefully more exciting fuck rounds with more butt banging.
    Unless these women have ultra sensitive cunts or the fingers go in soon after the first whistle, surely it will take more than a cash incentive to produce an orgasm inside a four-minute round. Or do I need to work on my fingering technique?

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