Happy Austin 3:16 Day Says I Just Stole The Sandman’s Gimmick

before he became the most beer-drinkinest, mudhole-stompinest, sumbitch on the planet. before he headlined WrestleMania with The Rock. before he became Stone Cold, before he was the Ringmaster. and after his epic stint with Brian Pillman, as one-half of the Hollywood Blondes. Steve Austin was working in ECW…with a full head of hair!

while he never held the ECW world heavyweight championship, one of his more memorable feuds during his brief stint with the company, was with The Sandman. the guy who came to the ring with Enter Sandman blaring over the PA, carrying a can of Budweiser, and a kendo stick. with a cigarette dangling from his mouth, and accompanied to the ring by Woman (RIP)

I had the privilege to be sprayed in the face with a Budweiser by The Sandman at an ECW house show in January 2000, and met him and Bill Alfonso afterwards. Fonzie autographed my copy of High Times magazine, which was fuckin’ awesome! sadly, I lost it shortly after I left college.



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